Ep #132: Shifting Narratives in the Design Industry with Kia Weatherspoon

Shifting Narratives in the Design Industry with Kia Weatherspoon

Wow, friends, what an inspiring episode I have for you today! This week’s guest, Kia Weatherspoon, is an advocate for interior design being standard for all, rather than luxury for a few. She joins me this week to talk about the fantastic work she’s doing in her business, and the differences she’s making to low-income communities through interior design.

Kia Weatherspoon is the design voice of impact and change. NCIDQ certified and a professional member of ASID, she’s spent the last 15 years defying every design stereotype, shifting the narrative, and making design a priority for all. She joins me today to explain the importance of creating beautiful spaces for everybody, regardless of background or circumstance, and explain why such spaces are a necessity, not a luxury.

Join us on the podcast this week for a moving, inspiring discussion about Kia’s work and how it’s creating waves in the interior design industry. We’ll discuss why keeping people at the forefront of your business can earn you more money, and why empathy goes a long way when running a business. This lady is changing the world, friends, it’s such an honor to have her here today!

Explicit Content Warning: You might want to listen to this episode with your headphones on – there are a few expletives, but heck, this episode is so great, I didn’t want to cut them out!

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How to advocate for your work.
  • Why you shouldn’t be motivated by money.
  • The importance of knowing your own value.
  • How your work could cultivate change in somebody else’s life.
  • Why nobody should be judged based on their socioeconomic standing.
  • How you can inspire others to make changes.

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