Ep #252: Selling Authentically on Social Media with Kristen Boss

The Design You Podcast Tobi Fairley | Selling Authentically on Social Media with Kristen Boss

If you sell a product or service in the online space, this episode is for you. I’m joined this week by my friend and marketing genius Kristen Boss, a super-savvy marketer who has a blast taking the ick out of marketing, helping her clients show up and build a following so they can sell without hustling and burning out. Whatever business you’re in, this episode is full of nuggets you can implement.

Kristen Boss is a coach, keynote speaker, podcaster, and author known for her fresh approach to marketing and sales in the social selling and network marketing industry. She believes in teaching people to work with diligence and focus, while leaving hustle culture in the past.

Tune in this week to discover how to start using social media to present your fully authentic self. Kristen Boss is discussing her own journey of finding her voice, the constant evolution of sharing your authenticity, and why showing up in your uniqueness is what’s going to help you build an audience you can sell to.

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How Kirsten helps her clients take the ick out of marketing.
  • What stops entrepreneurs from showing up authentically on social media.
  • Why people with MLM businesses may be selling someone else’s product, but they still need to build a personal brand.
  • What you communicate to your audience when you’re brave enough to be yourself on social media.
  • How to integrate the aspects of yourself that will allow you to shine through social media.
  • Why pivoting in your marketing is a constant evolution, not something that only happens once.
  • A vulnerable story from Kristen about deciding to elevate her brand in a way that didn’t feel authentic.
  • How Kirsten decided to take her own path on social media.

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