Ep #23: Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Emotions

We humans have a very interesting habit that causes a ton of unnecessary heartache and drama for a lot of us. We try to take responsibility for other people’s emotions and actions; we believe that we can make someone else happy or hurt their feelings… or that they can hurt ours!

Now, you may be thinking, “Tobi, I know I make my loved ones happy when I buy them gifts or cook them a nice meal. And people hurt my feelings all the time!” But what’s actually happening there is much more empowering for them and you because once you understand it, you can change the behavior at any time.

Put on your big girl pants, we’re going to emotionally adult today, ya’ll! Join me today to find out what really makes people happy (or not) and how feelings really get hurt. This may be a little jarring at first but believe me, when you learn to be 100% responsible for your own happiness, and no one else’s, your life will get better and better every day!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What actually makes people happy or hurts their feelings.
  • Why you don’t want others to be responsible for your happiness.
  • Why not being happy all the time is normal.
  • How boundaries fit into the idea of choosing whether or not to be upset.
  • The productivity bonus of taking responsibility for yourself at all times.
  • How to be an “emotional adult.”

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