Ep #233: Perfectionism and the Patriarchy

Those of us in the design world know that we are up against so many judgments and “truths” that we have been socialized to believe about ourselves as creatives. We believe that we aren’t disciplined and that we don’t work hard enough. We are told that we start but never finish things. We’re expected to take our ideas from the creative vision to the finished product, and when we don’t, we’re flakes and haven’t done what we set out to do.

The societal belief that we must do everything in our creative businesses has been instilled into us, and it causes us to be extremely hard on ourselves. But y’all, this story is complete B.S. and the number of creatives I see absorbing these beliefs and using them against themselves is shocking. So this week, I’m calling it out. 

If you’ve been abusing yourself because you think that your work is never good enough or that you never finish anything, you don’t want to miss this episode. I’m showing you how the patriarchy is built on perfectionism, where this narrative comes from and the problem with it, and how to drop the unachievable standards you have instilled in you and start showing up as your truest, most impactful self.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How you might be setting yourself up for failure without actually realizing it.
  • Why all genders can be affected by the patriarchy, not just women.
  • Some of the ways the patriarchy influences our behavior and holds us back.
  • Why you are not a failure if you don’t follow through on every single aspect of a creative project.
  • How perfectionism a key tenet of the patriarchy and a white supremacist system.
  • Why you don’t have to wear all the hats to be a successful creative.

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