Ep #227: Navigating Life’s Transitions

Do you ever think about arriving at a certain point in your life and what will happen next? It is fascinating how you think for years – sometimes decades – about reaching a certain point, and then when you are suddenly there, you start to wonder what comes next for you.

Today’s episode is a little different as I’m contemplating an upcoming period of transition in my life. In a year’s time, I will be an empty nester, and I have thought about this moment for years. It is so fascinating to think: What do I really want to do next? What do I want for the second half of my life? So I’m sharing my thoughts in this episode.

This week, I’m sharing my musings about what transition means and looks like, and how to navigate periods of transition in your life. I’m sharing more about what I want to do and who I want to be in the next half of my life, and giving you the opportunity to get more honest with yourself than ever about your period of transition.

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Some questions to ask yourself when faced with a period of transition.
  • How we are all impacted by a patriarchal society.
  • The various ways I am being influenced at this stage of my life by women who are younger than me.
  • Why being honest about your story is so important in your business and life.
  • How there is always room for more honesty in your life.

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