How to Move Forward During the Coronavirus Outbreak

How to Move Forward During the Coronavirus OutbreakThere’s a lot of chaos right now in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and since I’ve been going live on Facebook and Instagram a lot lately and interacting with my community, I thought it would only be right to do the same here on the podcast with you. While there’s a lot of uncertainty and negative emotions swirling around, I want to use this episode to share some things that I’ve been doing, and that you can implement in your own life to stay positive and move forward.

Many people in my Design You community are feeling everything on the spectrum, from terrified to angry, and I completely understand why. That said, staying in your negative thoughts and feelings will only lead to results you don’t want in your life and business, so I’m sharing some key practices you can start doing to use this time as an opportunity to grow.

Join me on this bonus episode as I offer up some ideas on how you can use this time of social distancing and self-quarantining to better your life in every way possible. Your business, health and wellness, and relationships, especially with your family, can thrive right now, and all you have to do is look at the situation through a different lens.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why negative thoughts and feelings aren’t going to get you the results that you want.
  • What I’m doing to stay positive and to keep my business and myself moving forward.
  • Some things that I do to stay productive when I work from home.
  • Why there is no excuse not to move your body.
  • How to keep your health on track during this time.
  • Why getting enough sleep is crucial to your productivity.
  • How I’m practicing staying in a place of abundance.
  • Why keeping a schedule and being vigilant about it is one of the most important things you can do.
  • How to not inadvertently kill your business during this time.


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You are listening to The Design You Podcast, a bonus episode, with Tobi Fairley.

Welcome to The Design You Podcast, a show where interior designers and creatives learn to say no to busy and say yes to more health, wealth, and joy. Here is your host, Tobi Fairley.

Hey friends. It’s Tobi and I got you during the coronavirus chaos. I’m coming to you to talk to you about all the things that are in your head right now. And this probably won’t be the only bonus episode I do, but I’ve been out on Facebook Lives and Instagram Lives and in my community and emailing and in touch with people more than ever before.

And so it just felt right to create a bonus podcast episode for this week. And I wanted our regular episodes to keep going because they’re so good and they’re inspiring and there’s so much talk about coronavirus right now, but I don’t want that to be the only things in our minds and that we can think about.

In fact, I’m going to tell you what I’m doing to stay positive and to move forward, but I did want to come on and tell you how I’m showing up right now, what I’m doing to keep my business and myself moving forward, in case it can be of help to you.

So let’s talk about that. How are you feeling right now? I bet pretty scared. A lot of you probably negative. I’ve asked a lot of my community, my Design You community, and even my community at large on social media how they’re feeling, and I’ve gotten everything from terrified to sad to angry. Some parents angry that their kids’ senior year of college is getting cut short, or senior year of high school.

Some people that are just terrified for their business, for their health, for their parents. All sorts of things. I have people who are afraid not only that their husband is going to lose their job, but their grown sons are going to lose their jobs. So there’s a lot of emotions running high right now.

And I have been using like crazy, the thought model framework that I teach to help us deal with our emotions. In fact, as I’m recording this on Monday morning, I’m about to have what’s called a model-thon or a pop-up model-thon in my Design You program for my members to come virtually. And it’s not one of our regular live calls, which we do have on Tuesday to help go through their problems.

But this model-thon is literally just how many thoughts and feelings of people in our group can we put in the model and look at and see what’s happening when we think or feel those things. Because if you’ve listened to some of my episodes about the thought model, particularly episode four I remember, but I talk about it a lot, then you have the concept that I firmly believe that our thoughts create our feelings, which create our actions, or even our inactions.

And so a lot of us are thinking and feeling things right now that are very, very negative, and the actions that that’s going to create are a lot of procrastination, a lot of worry, a lot of buffering our feelings with food and alcohol so we don’t have to feel so bad. And the results we’re going to create with that are for sure not going to be the results that we want in our life.

Because what happens when we think negative thoughts or have negative feelings all the time? We don’t do positive things. So a few weeks from now, a few months from now, we’re going to have businesses that aren’t thriving, we’re going to have bodies that aren’t thriving. We’re going to have pants that don’t fit, literally.

We’re going to not be creating the results we want. We’re going to have really interrupted a lot of our good habits and all of the things we’ve been working for, and that’s the exact opposite of what I want you to be doing during the coronavirus. I don’t want any of us to be doing that.

It’s, as I said on my social media last week or a few days ago, this is not a two-week or a six-month snow day, friends. Because you know how our brain on snow days is just like, party, let’s eat chili and bake cookies and drink a bunch of wine and do nothing and watch Netflix. And that’s okay for a day, maybe two.

Remember in a snow situation, especially for those of you like me who live in a place that we don’t get a lot of snow, by day three, you’re like, I’m over it. I feel horrible, I feel lethargic, I haven’t gotten anything done, I can’t get out of this house, and guess what, if we are self-quarantined or mandatory quarantined and can’t really get out a lot, although hopefully most of us can at least walk around the block, walk in our yards, our properties, get some fresh air, but we’re going to feel a lot like that and we don’t want to make matters worse by letting our thoughts and our feelings drive us to actions that are absolutely the opposite of what we want.

Because that’s really quitting on ourselves. And this is not a time to quit, friends. This is a time to rally. This is a time to focus more than ever before. So what am I doing personally? Well, I’m doing some very basic stuff, and you may think this sounds silly, but they’re actually really important.

I’m keeping my schedule the way I normally do. And I’m a work from home person anyway, and I’m actually going to be sharing a lot of stuff with you guys about how to work from home effectively because I’ve been doing that now for three years, and I absolutely love it.

And one of the most important things about working from home is that it’s very important that you stick to a schedule. It’s very important that you go about your day in a way that you would, just like you were going to an office. So I get up every morning, I make my bed, I get dressed, I take a shower, fix my hair, all that stuff if I’m going to be on video.

If not, I still put on some makeup, I still do something semi-cute with my hair. I know that sounds silly. Even if it’s a ponytail, I still put on, even if it’s comfortable lounge-y type clothes, cute clothes. Not my sweatpants with the hole in them, not the baggiest t-shirt that’s got stains on it. That is not the way to make myself feel good about myself, to make myself move into action and really be productive.

So I want you to be very, very conscious and conscientious about how you’re showing up right now. Because if we use this as a time to just give up on everything, we’re giving up on ourselves and on our business. The other place that I’m not giving up on myself is in my food.

So we for sure want to stay healthy right now anyway, and that means we can read all the stuff online, but that means maybe potentially taking some supplements. They’re saying vitamin D, vitamin C, probiotics, although what I’m hearing and reading is better than supplements is eating the food that has those vitamins in them.

So if you have access to that, fresh oranges, fresh spinach has a lot of vitamin C. The things that have the nutrients you need are going to be important. What’s not going to keep us feeling healthy is a bunch of junk food, a lot of sugar, which really kills your immune system.

More importantly than that, if you’re like, well I’m in my house all by myself, I’m not going to get the coronavirus, or I’m with my two family members but they’re not leaving the house, we’re not going to be exposed, I still want you to see that if you are eating junk, you’re going to feel bad. You’re going to feel lethargic, you’re not going to have energy. You’re not going to be feeling like you want to get up and do work.

And guess what? The thoughts that really drive our actions in a negative way a lot of times are I don’t feel like doing that right now. So we’re going to have to be hyperaware of our excuses. Because there’s going to be a whole lot of I don’t feel like because guess what, we’re going to feel like watching the news and getting worked into a frenzy, or watching Instagram and scrolling Instagram and getting worked into a frenzy, or just having a reason to forget about “our problems.”

And so having the right energy level in your body because of what you’re putting in it is going to help you be more likely to be productive. Sleep is the next part of this. So I told my husband last night, he watched Netflix all weekend, binge-watched, which is hilarious because he’s watched a couple of shows on Netflix but I couldn’t even ever get him into watching shows.

He was more of a sports guy. And now that there are no sports whatsoever, he moved right over to binge-watching Netflix and other channels that we get. And he enjoyed himself, which is great. I’m certainly not judging, but last night was a Sunday night, the night before I’m recording this, and we went to bed at midnight, and that is not our normal bedtime.

Our normal bedtime is about 9:30 to 10. And I said, “Hey dude, this midnight thing, if you’re going to keep that schedule, you’re going to have to go sleep in the guest room because I cannot pretend again like this is a snow day or this is summer vacation. I’ve got to keep a legit schedule. I’ve got to get my eight hours of sleep.” I got to still get up at my regular 5:30 or 6am in the morning and get stuff done because it’s going to be so tempting to do the opposite.

So I want you to be very vigilant about this. And if you aren’t getting sleep, not only is your immune system going to be down, you’re also just not going to feel like working. And guess what, it’s going to feel harder to work right now, especially if those of you like me, who have your own businesses, who need to be pushing into new ideas and new ways to meet your customer, which I’ll talk about in a minute, and sleep’s going to definitely be a part of that.

The next part you probably don’t want to hear either, I’m like, eat right, make your bed, go to sleep, all the good habits that we should be having all the time, well, they’re more important than ever right now, and one of those is moving your body.

So I was thinking of all the excuses I’ve been making. I’ve barely ridden my Peloton at all lately. It’s right now, I’m looking at it as I’m recording, and there’s no excuse for that. I’ve got a treadmill in my house, I’ve got a Peloton in my house, I have a yoga room and a yoga wall in my house.

Of all the people on the planet, I have zero excuses. Now, you may not have all that equipment but you don’t need it. You can walk outside, as long as you stay social distanced from people. You can go on YouTube or any number of free sources for how to work out. You can read articles about it. You can Google it.

Trust me, right now, if ever there were lots and lots of ideas out in the world about how to work out from home, using things in your house as weights, even if you don’t have any, or even using your own bodyweight, there is no excuse for that and you really want to move your body right now.

And if you’re feeling really stressed, I recommend moving your body with things like yoga. I did yoga for about 75 minutes yesterday and it is so helpful. For one thing, when we’re sitting a lot, I like to do a yoga style called yin that really stretches my muscles, but especially my connective tissue. All that tissue in our body that shrink-wraps our joints so we get super stiff from sitting around.

So doing yoga, yin yoga especially for me, but even flow yoga of any style is going to get your blood moving. It’s great for you to do things like inversions, legs up the wall, for restorative postures if you’re really feeling stressed out, which a lot of you are.

So it doesn’t have to be running five miles on your treadmill to be moving your body. But I want you to be conscious of doing some things every single day. Not just sitting in the chair or on the sofa or in the bed, which is so easy to do. All the things that I’m telling you not to do, the reason I’m telling you is because those are the path that most of us are going to take.

It’s the path of least resistance. It’s the easiest path right now to watch stuff and think thoughts that scare us, quit in every way on ourselves and just sit on the sofa. And trust me, that’s what 90% of the population of the world that’s dealing with coronavirus is going to be doing right now, but I don’t think those are the results, the ones that are created by that behavior that you’re going to want a month from now or six months from now or nine months from now.

Another thing I’m doing personally is I’m really practicing staying in a place of abundance. So our mind is also going to go easily to scarcity. Scarcity about money especially. Most of us have scarcity about time in our real life normally, and that kind of went away. We have all the time in the world all of a sudden.

But we don’t have all the money in the world necessarily, or we’re going to get afraid even if we have money. A lot of us are going to get afraid about how to make money. And so practicing abundance. I’m reading a lot of books right now that I have in my library. You can get them on your Kindle or on your phone or order them.

There’s so many ways to get access to books. One of which I’m reading is Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas, who will be on the podcast here in just a week or two. I recorded her show episode last week. But making sure I’m staying in an abundant place about money, about everything really.

And one of the ways I do that is through journaling, which I do normally every day, but it’s been really important right now for me to make sure I see what I’m thinking, I’m paying attention to my thoughts, and making sure I’m working on having positive thoughts. It’s a practice, y’all.

We’re not just always going to have positive thoughts. Now, I’m an optimist and I’m in the habit of thinking positive thoughts, so it’s a little bit easier for me because I’ve been practicing it for years. A lot of you have not. You’re going to have to consciously practice. And you can’t just do this in your head. You can’t just do this by thinking because your thoughts run away from you really quickly.

There are so many of them. We think thousands of thoughts a day. So when you put pen to paper, you slow your brain down, you become very aware of what you’re thinking, and you can consciously choose to shift your thoughts to more positive ones, to more abundant type of thinking.

One of the things that’s going to help you with that is gratitude. And we can find all the things that are wrong right now if we want to focus on those, but I promise you, you have so much to be grateful for right now. And so I would definitely be working on a daily gratitude practice.

What I was thinking this week that I love, I was thinking about it when I mentioned the Peloton. I was journaling about it last night. Right now that our schedule is different and we’re going to be home a lot, this is a perfect opportunity to create the habits that we’re always saying we don’t have time to create.

I love it. I had already gotten better just recently about going live on Instagram and Facebook, which I was wanting to create a habit, so that’s now a habit. I can now, as I journaled about last night, get my Peloton habit dialed in. I think I’m going to see what other members in Design You have Pelotons and maybe we can ride together and meet up virtually that way.

There’s so many things you could be doing that are so positive right now, to move yourself forward. But again, you’re going to have to be mindful of that and you’re going to have to take charge of that. It’s not naturally going to happen that the results of coronavirus and quarantining are going to all be positive.

It’s only the tiny number of people, like what I’m doing, what a lot of people that I know because we’re of like-minds, we’re kind of that 1% or the 1% of the 1% of people that are going to use this as a time to not only grow their businesses, but to improve their lives.

I just said to somebody yesterday, I wonder how fit we could actually get during coronavirus. That would be so cool. To be like, of all the time of my whole life that I’ve had every excuse in the world not to eat right and not to work out, a lot of those excuses are now gone away. I’m at home a lot. What would it look like if I used this as an opportunity to get my health and my fitness dialed in to a whole other level, which I think is a super exciting thought.

So think about it. You can also organize your house. I mean, there’s so, so, so many things you can do right at home that you always tell yourself you don’t have time to do. Okay, so that’s what I’m doing for me personally. So what about working from home?

Well, as I said, I’ve been doing this for three years, I’m going to be sharing a lot of tips on this. I also had actually been working on a course for this. It’s a mini kind of course. I’m going to be finishing that and putting that out super quickly. I love that I have an incentive to do that for you guys so that I can share all of that with you.

But to just get you started on this thinking, it’s going to be really important that you stick to a schedule. So you’re going to probably, some of you, have to be working around your kids’ schedules too because your kids are at home. I know some of you have toddlers. I’ve been working with a lot of my members already of ideas of what to do when they have a four-year-old or a six-year-old at home and how they are trying to still get their own work done, what work is important for them to do, how much they should be working in the day.

So your best friend for this is going to be keeping a schedule, which you’re going to want not to do. You’re going to be like, yeah, it’s ridiculous, I’m just at home, I don’t have a schedule for clients anymore, nobody has meetings with me. And just like I said about all the personal stuff, keeping a schedule is going to be one of the most important things you can do.

Be vigilant about your schedule. And it doesn’t mean don’t put watch Netflix for two hours in the schedule. Please do. In fact, I would much rather you schedule that so you’re following through and doing what you say you’re going to do, instead of having the eff it, screw it attitude, and then just kind of accidentally watching Netflix all day.

So I want you to have time on there for working out, for thinking and creating, for connecting with your clients, for maybe meal prepping, for spending time with your family. A lot of you are going to have issues, and I’m going to do a podcast and some stuff on this too, about how to not yell at your kids or not yell at your spouse.

But you’re going to be cooped up in the house with people. So have time on your schedule to be away from them in your house, and also to be with them, doing something productive, playing a game. Use your schedule as your ally. It can totally help you in this situation.

And like I said earlier, be sure you get up and get dressed. Working in your slouchiest clothes is not going to help you. Now, I’m not saying be uncomfortable. I work in yoga pants a lot. But cute yoga pants with my hair fixed, with a cute cardigan or wrap, and I feel good about myself. Put makeup on.

So whatever it takes to make you get into a more professional posture, mindset, that’s going to be really important right now. My husband’s office is going to be closing I think potentially today as I’m recording this, or in the next couple of days, so the other thing I’m doing is I’m planning for how we both work from home.

He’s an attorney. He’s going to be on the phone with people, he’s going to be on the computer, on depositions or meetings. Maybe not depositions. I think those have to be in person. But meetings, all sorts of things that he’s going to need to do, and I’m on video and teaching and on Facebook Lives all the time.

So we have to know who’s working where. So we already – I mapped out a plan last night for what zones in the house he gets to work in and which ones I’m going to work in. Not he gets to, but I made sure that felt comfortable to him. Couple of his favorite spaces and then a space that feels more like an office with a desk because we have multiple workspaces in my house.

You may have heard me talk about it. I’m used to working sometimes in my living room, sometimes in our studio, which is the sunroom where all my design stuff and supplies are. Upstairs, where I am right now, which is where my podcasting equipment is.

So I can’t just hoard all of those for myself. It’s not going to work. So we decided kind of what his zones would be, what my zones would be based on us being on the phone together, me being on a teaching call or whatever and what’s going to work best for us. So I highly recommend you do this with your family if you and a partner or a spouse are both working from home, who’s going to work from where, are y’all going to try to work at the same hours or different hours.

For me, sometimes I can work different hours because my schedule, if I take charge of it that way could be a little more flexible. And then he and I could take turns spending time with our teenager. She’s going to sleep in the morning and ignore us, then we’re going to make sure she gets up and does her school work because it’s being done with distanced learning.

So make sure she stays on a schedule, like it’s her job, and then there’s going to be times that we need to be like, let’s go for a walk or let’s play a game with her. Something to keep her from constantly being on her electronics.

And so when we can plan our schedules together and have some breaks, maybe even all take a break and have lunch together, which is such a treat. We never get to do that because we’re always all three at our various locations. School, me here, and him at the office. How can we use this as time to connect, to have more fun, and also to be most productive?

So as you can see, it’s really about being intentional. And most of you are going to be the opposite of intentional. This is the reason to just like, throw your hands up in the air and be like, I don’t know. And guess what’s going to happen in a family dynamic with that. Everybody’s going to be mad at each other.

You’re going to all be on top of each other, you’re going to be interrupting each other’s thought processes or calls or other things, and that’s not going to work. So this has to be dialed in, like it is your job, like you wouldn’t just ignore, hopefully, all your coworkers if you worked in an office and be doing really, really loud things when they’re trying to shoot a video in the cubicle next to you.

You need to be that thoughtful with your family and the people at home if you live in a house with other people and you’re all quarantined there together. And let’s just be real. I mean, my daughter’s supposedly out of school until March 30th, which is two weeks. One of those which was spring break.

But the CDC just said for eight weeks don’t be in a place with 50 people or more. So I have no information that’s telling me that for sure they’re not going to go back to school. Colleges have let out for the whole rest of the semester and it would not surprise me a bit if high schools and elementary schools, middle schools did the same thing.

Because if they’re not supposed to be together, like at my daughter’s school, they’re cleaning it up and trying to get it all ready for them to come back to school. But if anybody’s been exposed and we send them right back there the first day, it’s all contaminated again.

So I just don’t see how it’s going to work to send them back to school. I’m optimistic that they will go, I’m planning for the scenario that they don’t, which feels more likely to me, and I don’t want to be surprised by it. I don’t want to be blindsided by it. I’m just planning for it right now. And if they go back to school, great.

So what about with my business? Well a lot of you are freaked out about that. So I have a lot of interior designers I work with that do just one-on-one client work and you’re emailing me and asking me, people in my program are. “Should I cancel meetings? I was supposed to have a meeting with two contractors and a client today.”

And I suggested that they cancel. Have it on Zoom. Have the client in her home, let her walk around and show you things. Work doesn’t have to stop, but have everybody’s safety in mind. There’s beauty behind that. You can have a recording of the Zoom call. You can know exactly what everybody said. You can get a transcription of it for goodness sake.

Make it a positive. Think of ways to keep working. You are creatives. You absolutely can come up with ways to make this work. And I do it all the time. Now, a lot of us are just kind of a little bit lazy because we’re used to working in person and in our own town, but I work with clients all over the country.

I just finished and just photographed a beach house in Florida. We did most of our work with them online. I had most of the contractor meetings online. I only went to that job site twice in the whole year and a half it was being built. But I had walkthroughs with the clients via Facetime. I had meetings via Zoom. We did presentations via Zoom, or I would do a Loom video from the app Loom and record my screen and then send it over and then we’d get on a Zoom call and talk about it.

There’s so many ways to do this and I’ve been doing this on purpose prior to the coronavirus. So you absolutely can do this. I know you can. I literally worked with a team to build the house from the ground up by not being on site. So keep your mind in check. Manage your thoughts. And get creative about how you can deal with one-on-one projects.

Now, the other thing you need to be doing because a lot of you are like, well, my projects are going to get put on hold, and yeah, they might. But also, a lot of projects may start up. Because there are plenty of people with money who are going to say whether it’s a landscape project, for you landscape designers, or an interiors project or a renovation project, they’re going to be home a lot.

And suddenly, the money they were using to travel and to do other things and create life experiences now is sitting in a pot and it might become their renovation money. It might become their redecorating money. So don’t decide for your clients that they’re not going to spend money.

Somebody in my program yesterday, I was coaching and she was like, “Wait, even if there’s a recession, even if some clients are pulling back, you mean to tell me that I can choose to believe that my business is going to thrive and grow during this?” And I said absolutely.

Because what we think about and what we focus on is what really impacts our results. Because if we’re focused on the fact that we think everybody’s stopping, what do we do? We don’t put ourselves out there. We’re embarrassed to sell, we think this is not a good time to sell, we shy away from it, we’re already decided, and she had, in her comment and in our community, she had already decided that renovations and projects were going to slow down.

And I’m like, well, that’s just a thought you’re thinking. There is no truth to that. We have no idea if they will or if they won’t. Some will, some won’t. So what you choose to think is going to greatly impact how you move forward. I mean, it does. It’s the only thing that impacts how you show up.

And we never were able to make another person start a project of any kind. You get that, right? When you think about it’s their thoughts and their feelings that create their actions to move forward. So our job has never been to get another person to start a project. We can’t do that anyway. We have no control over other people.

Our job is to be available and be talking about all the ways we can help people and meeting them where they are right now so that if they choose to move forward from their thoughts and their feelings, they know exactly what we’re offering. They know it’s available, they know who to call.

But most of you are going to think scarcity thoughts and you’re going to shoot your business in the foot. And I’ve said many times already in the last two or three days, it’s unlikely that coronavirus is going to kill a lot of your businesses, but it’s not unlikely that you’re going to kill your business.

And I know we can say yes, the hospitality industry, it’s going to be hard hit. There’s a lot of industries that will be hard hit, but there are also people in those same industries that are going to thrive through this, that are going to come out better from this. I just saw one of the luxury restaurants in my town, it’s someone I know that owns it, and he’s creating space because our state hasn’t said that every restaurant and bar has to be closed, so he’s like, I’ve got seven private rooms if you want to come with your family.

We’ll keep you away from other people. We’re making sure in the main part of the restaurant we have social distancing measures in all of our tables. Now, does that mean people are all going to choose to go or that they should? Not necessarily, but some people will. But just the fact that he’s thinking in this sort of innovative way is exactly the way he needs to be thinking.

And then when and if the government says okay, now you have to close, somebody who’s already prone to thinking and innovating in that way is going to come up with new ways to innovate, and it could be the very thing that makes his business truly skyrocket during a crisis, and you all have that opportunity.

Do we have a guarantee it’s going to work? No, but we never have a guarantee. We never had a guarantee before coronavirus. And most of us were sitting around letting our businesses die too at that point. So I think using this as an opportunity to get excited, get focused, and think about how to meet your clients where they are is really important.

Now, another thing I’m doing besides just making paid content available, making offers for it and not being afraid to sell during this time is to also create a ton of free content just like this podcast right now because I can do that and I want to do that. And that’s me stepping into a leadership role for my own membership, for my community at large, and helping other people for free.

And it’s really fun and it feels so good to me. So am I killing all of my paid services? No, of course not. I’m actually growing them because people are hearing my free content and then they’re wanting more from me, which is great. But whether I grow it or not, just having the opportunity to serve puts me in a mindset and a disposition to really move forward in a positive, positive way.

So again, in every crisis, in every recession, there are always businesses that thrive. And guess what determines a lot of times whether you thrive or not? Your own thinking, which creates your own feelings, which creates your own actions, which creates your results.

So be very careful thinking about how you can show up, how you can meet people where they are, how you can support them both free and paid. How you can be a leader, how you can be a thought leader, how you can collaborate with other people, how you can solve people’s problems.

And this is the mindset that I’ve been in, in overdrive really, for the last several days. In fact, it is so fun for me. I am enjoying it in so many ways. Now, am I enjoying the coronavirus? No. Do I wish this on any of us? Of course not. Do I want anybody to get sick? Absolutely not.

But the silver lining in this for me is in light of the circumstances we currently find ourselves in, I’m using it to create passion, to create purpose for me, which is going to have all kinds of positive results and outcomes for me and my life and my business. So that’s what I’m doing, and I wanted you to know because I want you to be able to do it too.

If you want my help, if you want to work with me, there’s so many ways you can do that. You can get my free content, you can keep listening to the podcast, you can go follow me on Instagram and Facebook and make sure you’re seeing when I go live. And if you want me working on your particular problems and your particular business, get in my Design You coaching program right now.

Because y’all, for less than $300 a month, and you may say $300 is a lot, and it might be a lot, but I think it’s a tiny amount to move your business forward all the time. It’s like, $9 a day. But especially when you’re feeling scared, when you’re feeling like you don’t know where to go and you want some expert advice, and you also want a community of incredibly supportive, like-minded people who are going to lift us all up, then get your buns in there.

But if that’s not feasible for you right now, for whatever reason, I totally get it and I got you too. I’m going to keep making free content, I’m going to keep making podcast episodes. We’ve got our free podcast community on Facebook. You can go join that. And follow me on social because I’m showing up more than I ever have. I love this as an excuse to be a thought leader, to be of service to all of you.

So that’s where I am, that’s what I’m doing. It’s where you can find me. You can work with me for free. You can work with me in real life. I’m about to leave and go right now coach my team on their thoughts and feelings for an hour, and then I’m going to go right into coaching my community on their thoughts and feelings for an hour because I want them to see and have the evidence that if I think this thought and I create this feeling, here’s the actions or inactions I’m creating and here’s the results I’m creating.

And I want everybody to be able to get super responsible and know by the choices they’re making, are they creating what they want or what they don’t want. So that’s what I’m doing today, friends. I’ll be back with more bonus episodes soon and I thank you so much for listening.

And if you need me or you have questions about my services or about my membership, Design You, or about any of this, head over to social media, particularly Instagram, @tobifairley, and shoot me a direct message because I’m listening, I’m responding. I’ve got answers. My team is helping me support everybody and I want to hear from you.

I got your back. Stay positive. Make that bed. Get dressed every day and eat healthy. Get your sleep. You’re welcome. Bye for now.

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of The Design You Podcast. And if you’d like even more support for designing a business and a life that you love then check out my exclusively monthly coaching program, Design You at TobiFairley.com.

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