Ep #267: Parenting, Change, and Being Different with Monica Berg

The Design You Podcast Tobi Fairley | Parenting, Change, and Being Different with Monica Berg

Last week, I spoke on the podcast about the business I’m excited to be starting with my daughter. In this episode, I’m bringing a returning guest back because she’s written a book with her daughter called The Gift of Being Different, and the story behind it is super inspirational.

Monica Berg is an international speaker, spiritual thought leader, author, and podcaster. A self-proclaimed “change junkie,” Monica shows individuals how to create a life that not only feels like it’s working, but most importantly a life in which they are living and loving as the powerful, fulfilled person they’ve always wanted to be.

We have a lot to learn from our children, so tune in this week to discover why the things that make you different are your superpower. We’re discussing Monica’s new book, her experience as a parent, why change is a recipe for happiness, and some amazing advice about the expectations we have for our kids as they grow up.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How Monica has been inspired by her children and decided to write a book with her daughter.
  • Why Monica and Abigail make an amazing mother-daughter writing team.
  • How the things that make you different are your superpower.
  • Why we aren’t all mean to be the same as each other and we need to change this paradigm of being “normal.”
  • What it means to Monica to be a “change junkie” and how she practices creating change in her world.
  • Why, as humans, we often don’t like change, and why creating change is actually a recipe for happiness.
  • How we often misunderstand certainty, what certainty really is, and how to tap into it.
  • Monica’s advice around the expectations you have for your children and how to embrace being a good-enough parent.

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