Ep #122: How to Start Living More Truthfully with Dayka Robinson

How to Start Living More Truthfully with Dayka Robinson

There’s nothing more important than your life, and we all deserve to live an amazing one. But so many of us aren’t showing up as our higher selves because we’re afraid of conflict and uncertainty. Today’s guest is here to show you how to stop living a lie, and start living a life full of personal integrity and truth. If your life isn’t working for you right now, Dayka can help you change it!

Dayka Robinson is a nationally recognized interior designer, world traveler, creative director, writer, editor-in-chief & truth-teller. Whichever hat she’s wearing, she’s known for working with women and reminding them to step off the beaten path to live more authentically. She’s here today to explain why we should all be living in alignment, and how to show up as our most honest selves.

Tune in this week for a refreshingly honest episode where we’ll discuss why we need to stop minimizing what’s not OK and start living more truthfully. We’ll talk about how to maximize this one life we’re living and share some questions to ask yourself if you want to start living a better, more aligned life. If you show up in the right way, everything else will show up exactly how it’s supposed to. Get out your notepad – you’re going to want to take notes on this one!

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Why thinking about death (however morbid it might seem!) can help you become your most honest self.
  • How to trust yourself enough to follow your intuition.
  • Why you need to stop comparing yourself to other people.
  • How to acknowledge whether your life is working for you.
  • Why you are not responsible for other peoples’ reactions.
  • How to align with your true self.

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