Ep #265: Bringing Lighting and Tech into the Planning Process with Joe Borress

The Design You Podcast Tobi Fairley | Bringing Lighting and Tech into the Planning Process with Joe Borress

Today’s episode is a little bit different. My guest this week is flipping the script on luxury residential lighting and technology design. I love anybody who’s a rebel, and Joe Borress thinks differently. He’s on a mission for the lighting and tech piece of luxury homes to be brought forward in the planning process, connecting the dots between designers, architects, and home-builders.

Joe Borress is the CEO of Tri Star Electric & Automation. Joe educates his clients during the pre-building phase to ensure electrical, technology, and lighting design will enhance their lifestyle now and into the future, instead of leaving it as an afterthought, when it’s too late to utilize the amazing tech available in our modern world.

Tune in this week to learn with me about how, as designers, we can bring lighting, tech, and electricals into the planning conversation at a much earlier phase than is currently the norm. Joe is sharing why all of this electrical planning improves the client’s overall enjoyment of their home and can make any space an epic place to live, and why all of this focus on collaboration around lighting, tech, and electricals is an investment for the future of the home.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • Why Joe believes that the lighting and technology in a house should be part of the conversation from earlier in the planning phase.
  • How Joe’s work with designers and architects improves the potential resale value of homes.
  • Joe’s tips for starting to bring lighting, electricals, and tech into the conversation earlier.
  • How Joe’s work with lighting allows his client to enjoy their home, no matter the size or location of the house.
  • Why Joe believes wired is always better than wireless, and how this plays into the planning phase of a home.
  • Some exciting ways you can use technology to uplevel a home for your clients.
  • Why it’s possible to integrate technology, lighting, and electrical solutions into a home at any price point.
  • How to find an expert like Joe to work with in your area.
  • Why even interior designers get brought in too late, and why we all need to work together for the benefit of the client.

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