Ep #61: Thriving in Business as an Introvert with Rachel Cannon

If you identify as an introvert, you might think you’re at a disadvantage living in a seemingly extroverted world, and I don’t blame you. This week, I’ve got my very close friend and super talented interior designer, Rachel Cannon on the podcast to share her thoughts on not just making do, but thriving in our industry as a creative introvert.

Rachel is the perfect guest for what we’re diving into on the show today – introverts versus extroverts, and the best way to implement systems and boundaries within your business to best fit your personality type. As an extrovert myself, hearing Rachel’s thoughts have definitely given me a new perspective and a deeper understanding of the other side of the spectrum, and I know all of you are going to love it.

Join us to hear some amazing insights from Rachel on how she runs her super successful business and her tips on managing a presence on social media as an introvert, as well as the difficult lessons she’s learned along the way!

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • The biggest lesson Rachel learned in her business.
  • What Rachel sees to be the biggest challenge in being a creative introverted business owner.
  • How Rachel schedules and systemizes her workweek.
  • The difference between introverts and extroverts in business.
  • How Rachel has considered her introversion in building systems in her business.
  • Why Rachel believes introverts need systems and boundaries more so than extroverts.
  • How Rachel has maintained the boundaries within her business.
  • Why you can’t say yes to everything that comes your way.
  • How Rachel navigates social media as an introvert.

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