Ep #231: Fuck It Is The New Hustle

So many of us are overachievers and overcommitters because we have been socialized by the patriarchy in this way. We think in binaries and are always trying to do things right because, in productivity and hustle culture, there is an underlying belief that success is supposed to be hard. But what if it doesn’t have to be? What if you could say “fuck it” to the hustle approach?

As a leader, it is really important to me that my team loves their work, that we reduce stress, and that we aren’t always focused on just getting it right. So we’ve made some changes in our business and the way we run things, starting with our new motto: Fuck it. Fuck it is the new hustle.

In this episode, hear why we’ve decided to lean into the motto “Fuck it is the new hustle,” how we’ve incorporated this approach into our business, and the impact it is already having. I’m encouraging you to consider what you might be able to do in your life and business when you apply this motto, and how to use it to start showing up and serving in the most loving, authentic, and aligned way.

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How perfectionism and rigidity were holding me back in my life and business.
  • Why any growth we have experienced in our company is never through certainty, and what it is actually through.
  • How to stop putting a number on your success.
  • Why so many of us think in binaries and try to do things right.
  • How your thinking might be straight out of the patriarchy playbook.
  • Why the belief that we are in full control of anything is nothing more than an illusion.
  • The importance of following your intuition and trying something different.
  • Why perfectionism is the enemy of progress, creativity, and possibility.

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