Ep #27: Finishing 2018 Strong

Friends, we are nearing my favorite time of the year – fall! But that also means we’re closing in on the year and I want to see how y’all are doing with your goals. Have you achieved your goals for 2018? If not, this podcast is for you because I want you to finish off 2018 strong.

As you might know, if you’re a regular listener of the podcast, I believe in tackling one key goal at a time, and I’m diving deep into how you can carry out 90-day sprints to achieve them. Having your fingers in multiple pies isn’t going to get you anywhere and hopefully by the end of this episode you’ll have an idea of where you want to start!

Tune in for a super valuable episode to help you finish 2018 off with a bang! I discuss a technique that shows you how you can map out every single step you can take to where you want to be, even if you don’t know what the steps are! This is going to set you up for the best kind of business and life that you can dream of for the rest of the year!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • The importance of focusing on one goal at a time.
  • Why 2018 has been the best year yet for me.
  • How to stack your goals to ensure you achieve them all completely.
  • Why you need to pick a hard goal for your 90-day sprint.
  • How to map out a plan for achieving your goals.
  • The escape and arrival framework.
  • 5 key steps to take every day for the next 90 days.

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Full Episode Transcript

You are listening to The Design You Podcast with Tobi Fairley, episode number 27.

Welcome to The Design You Podcast, a show where interior designers and creatives learn to say no to busy and say yes to more health, wealth, and joy. Here is your host, Tobi Fairley.

Hello there, how is it going today, friends? Okay, so guess what? I’m burning my pumpkin scented NEST candle. And yeah, this is basically an advertisement for them, not because I get anything from it. I have to pay for them too, but gosh do they ever smell heavenly. So my office smells dreamy like a big old pumpkin and it just makes me happy because fall is my absolutely favorite time of year and nothing makes me happier than the moment I can break out anything pumpkin. Anything. Pumpkin smoothies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin candle, like, all of it. I’m all over it.

Now, I don’t drink pumpkin lattes from you know where because all of the junk and preservatives and sugar in them and I like to be healthy. But they sure do taste good. I’m into healthy though, so I like making pumpkin smoothies at home and pumpkin muffins and things that I know exactly what’s in them, but the point being anything pumpkin. Scented, flavored, all of it. Yup, any of that and I’m a happy girl.

Okay, so enough about fall, right? Let’s talk about – well, sort of, it’s sort of about fall. Let’s talk about the fourth quarter because that’s what fall means, right? When we get into fall, it means we’re about to start the fourth quarter of the year. Like, three quarters of 2018 have come and gone. Can you believe that?

And I want you to use this, this time as an excuse to check in on your goals for the year and see how you can finish strong. So that’s what today is about. Checking in on your goals for the fourth quarter of 2018 and if you haven’t accomplished all that you want to, let’s make that happen. So in a few months I’m going to be bringing you all kinds of content about 2019. Setting goals for next year, all of that stuff. But let’s not close the door yet on this year too fast because a lot can happen in three months.

I mean, just the summer in three months, yeah, literally in 90 days, I went from not even having any paid members of my Design You coaching program to launching it and in 90 days having about 80 paid members. So that’s a huge revenue stream and it’s growing every single day and that came about in 90 days, y’all. It can happen.

So if you want to really show yourself your power to make things happen in 90 days, let’s get a plan together so you can see some big results by year end. But first, let’s check in and see how you would grade yourself on your goals so far this year. If you listen to my podcast, especially episode number six called One Key Goal at a Time, then you may have approached your goals this way this year or at least after you heard that podcast a few months ago.

And so if that’s the case, you may just have one goal you’re working towards, and if it’s not the case, then I highly recommend going back and listening to that episode because this concept really works. Now, I used to have six to 10 or more goals every single year and at the end of the year, I would assess where I’d really made it to on each individual goal and give myself a grade. And what I realized is that I only hit about 50% to 60% of each goal. And I didn’t really complete a lot of them.

Now, it doesn’t mean I didn’t make progress. I had big success all the time. But when I started realizing that instead of making like, 50% to 60% of 10 things happen, what if I started doing one thing at a time and getting it 100% right and then starting the next thing, what would that look like in my life? How would I feel about my goals and my dreams? Would I keep starting the new year every year with unfinished business from the year before? Whether it was losing an amount of weight that I wanted or changing something about my business practices or changing something about my life and dealing with my family and my relationships, did I really want to live it at 60%? Because that’s a D in school and that’s really not what I would consider success.

So now with the one key goal approach, I have literally focused all of the last almost nine months as you’re listening to this podcast, we’re pretty much at the almost nine month mark, I’ve focused all of those months this year on the goal of launching my online business coaching program. Well, it’s business and life coaching program, Design You. And my goal is growing it to 130 members by January, and I’m at 80 people. So well on my way and super excited.

I’m so excited to say that I’m already far exceeding my October goals and it’s not even quite October yet. So I know I’m going to hit my numbers, and it’s a whole lot more even than getting to the numbers that has been happening because to get to the numbers, I had to be very clear on what the benefits are for my members and I had to consistently over-deliver on those benefits month after month after month, first in designing the program at the beginning of the year, second in creating and launching it, kind of in the spring and then third, over the summer making it the best and only online coaching program that I know of for interior designers and creatives that transforms your mindset, your business model, and your schedule resulting in more health, wealth, and joy for my members.

Now, can you see how clear I am on my goals? Exactly. And anything short of extraordinary would not be equaling or exceeding my membership result. So that means I’m delivering an extraordinary level of content, an extraordinary experience for my members, and it truly takes my full focus and my team’s full focus right now to make this happen.

Now, I have to tell you, this is the first full year that I have focused on only one thing. And I have never – and I mean never – had this kind of results. Now, in the past, even when I did look successful, I was trying to hit multiple goals in a big way and it never really felt successful because I felt all over the place, right? Because it was like, having your finger in a bunch of pies, like trying to keep a bunch of balls in the air.

And now it’s not that at all. When before I felt tired and overworked and spread too thin, yeah, there are moments of that when I’m in a big launch part of my program, but day to day I don’t feel that way at all. I feel focused and I feel committed and I feel full of joy because I am focusing on one thing, we’re making it happen, and then I have other time to do the other things that are important to me in life.

So 2018 has been phenomenal. My best year yet for me. All because I said no to everything else as a goal and I gave myself more of a chance than ever to succeed. And what do I mean for me? Well, as I said before, when I had six, 10 goals, then I was doing a little here and a little there, and to the public it looked really successful because basically you saw me all over the place. On magazines and with product lines and all of these things, and yeah, that was fun and amazing but what I was looking for, the financial return and the time freedom, they did not happen with that approach.

And they have totally happened with this approach. And it feels so, so good. And I want you to try it for the next 90 days. I want you to pick one thing and give it your full attention and see what happens because I think you will be so overjoyed with the result that you will decide to take this one key goal approach for all of 2019.

Now, here’s the thing. I get it. There are so many, many things that we want to accomplish. I’m just like you. I have a ton of things I want to accomplish too, and that doesn’t mean that I just give up on those ideas or dreams. Not at all. It just means that I only let myself focus on one of them at a time. Now, does that mean we’re only doing one thing all the time? No, because obviously I’m podcasting and I’m creating content for my program and I’m showing up in my program and doing live calls and I’m doing free webinars for all of you out on the interwebs so that you can learn about my philosophies and maybe want to join the program. And I’m doing sometimes guest appearances on other people’s podcast and I’m showing up on Facebook live and I’m doing social media.

So this one key goal approach doesn’t mean you do one thing and one thing only. But our one goal for this year until we hit it is to get 130 members in my Design You Program. Well, why 130 members? Well, I thought it would be super fun with this new program to cover my entire company’s monthly overhead as our very first goal.

And it’s pretty dang fun, y’all because the minute we do that, then everything else I do becomes bonus money, right? Money that I can do other things with in my business, money that I can myself more, money that I can invest in other employees or team members, so that is why I picked that number. That’s the math. So until we hit that number, with all the different steps that we use to grow the business like this podcast, which definitely is one of the key drivers of members to The Design You Program, then I can’t focus on anything else.

I have plans for other things, I have things I’m going to launch next year in April because I know that by April I will have hit that goal. So this is the way it works. You put your goals stacked end to end, and when you finish one completely, then you can start on the next. It’s a really amazing way to work and the results are crazy good. At least for me and the other amazing entrepreneurs that I know that use this same approach, okay?

So I get it. There’s a lot of stuff you want to do. Just write them down and you just can’t start them all at once. So it may not take you a whole year to reach one of your goals like it is me this year. It might take you a month, it might take you three months, but I want you to start thinking about them in this way.

So this year, mine was huge, but next year I have some shorter sprints and by focusing on goals in 90-day sprints, which we ironically now have 90 days in the last quarter to make things happen, it can really help you hit either one big goal like I have or three or four smaller goals in a year’s time. So that 12 months later, so say at the end of 2019, you might be feeling like a total rock star because you will have either launched a huge new thing in your business or you will have made three or four key things happen that really transform everything about your business and your life.

So I told you about what I have done this year. Now it’s time for you to decide what you want to do. So what is it? What’s that one thing that you really want to accomplish before this year is over? Do you want to launch a new website? Do you want to lose 15 pounds? Do you want to create a new service for your business and get your first 10 customers? Do you want to clean out and completely organize your home and have a great big garage sale? Do you want to do yoga or meditate every day for 90 days until it’s a major habit in your life? Do you want to go on a dream trip to Europe or Hawaii or some other destination? Do you want to buy a new house?

It can be any of those things or any other thing that you think but what I want you to notice here is that I don’t have one key goal for my business and one key goal for meditation and my health and another key goal for weight loss and then another key goal for my relationships all happening at the same time. It doesn’t mean I can’t be doing some things to be working on those other areas. You can always be doing other things, because hopefully you’re not going to work on your business day and night, that’s not healthy at all.

But my goal, my focus, my primary thing that I’m making happen is only one of those at a time. So when I get my 130 members, hopefully by the end of the year but my projections show it will be at least by the end of January, and we’re on track to exceed that, but when that happens, then I can decide, what do I want next? Do I want to lose 10 pounds next? Do I want to launch another product in my business? Do I want to implement meditation every day or something else? And that’s when I decide what to do next. Okay, well, I already know, but I’m just showing you that these are the types of things that you can do.

Now, I do have my schedule planned out for months at a time, so I know what I have planned for the next 18 months from today. I know how my list of goals stack up. But I’ve been doing this now for a while and it makes a lot of sense to me. So for you, I want you to pick the one that matters most to you right now. And it doesn’t matter what it is that you’re dreaming of. If it can be accomplished in 90 days or a portion of it can be accomplished in 90 days, even if you have to – especially hoof it to make it happen by then, that’s even better. And I’ll tell you why in a minute.

I want you to write it down right now as your decision. If you’re driving, pull the car over, write it down. If you’re walking, stop for a second and put it in the notes of your phone. But I want you to write it down right now because I don’t want you to procrastinate on making this happen by the end of 2018.

Now, while you’re deciding what to choose, I want to remind you of this because you may have heard me talk about this before on previous podcasts or if you’re one of my Design You members or in other things that I’ve created content about. But hard goals, ones that are difficult and that really stretch you are the best sort of goals to pick for each 90-day sprint or if you’re going to do like me and lump all of your 90 days sprints for a year together, then you want a really hard goal.

If it’s easy, you’re not going to have to say no to all your other commitments so it won’t really move you into this new aggressive way of goal setting. So the harder it is, the more likely you’re able to see that, oh yeah, to make that happen in 90 days I’m going to have to totally uncommit from some other things that don’t really matter. I’m going to have to say no to other opportunities that are good but not great. I’m going to have to say no to people interrupting my days all the time. I’m going to have to get serious about my life, my schedule, and the whole thing to make it happen.

But if it were easy, you wouldn’t have to do that, right? So you’d sort of be dipping a toe in the water, and I don’t want you to do that. What I also don’t want you to do is I don’t want you to go for the old SMART acronym, you know the one where the R in smart means realistic? I don’t want you to go for that. Because realistic for a lot of us is code word for easy, and if we’re not challenged we just won’t give it our all.

So did you pick one yet? Your stretch goal for the next 90 days to finish strong in 2018. Okay, well I hope you did and it’s now time to map out a plan for achieving it. So first I want you to write it down or you’ve already written it down and you’re looking at it on paper. And next I want you to write out all the steps to get you from where you are right now to where you want to arrive 90 days from now.

Now, I learned this cool idea of the escape and arrival framework from one of my favorite online gurus, Frank Kern. And the idea behind this is on one side of a piece of paper, turn it horizontal so it’s long ways and on one end make a circle and write where you are right now inside of it or right underneath it and that’s what you want to escape from.

So the idea of writing down where you are today over there on the left side of that paper and that circle might be writing I have no website or I’m 15 pounds overweight, or whatever it is of where you are right now. I have no great customers, I haven’t started any kind of email marketing, I don’t meditate. Whatever it is of where you are right now, write it on that side. That’s what you want to escape from and it’s in a little circle.

Then go all the way to the other side of the paper and draw another circle that’s kind of even with it, so imagine you’re going to draw a line between the two of them straight across in a second. And so in the other circle is where you want to arrive to. And that’s going to say like, I have a website or I’m 15 pounds lighter. Whatever it is, escape from and arrive to.

And now I want you to draw that line between these two circles, straight across. So it almost looks like a barbell or something like, two balls on each end and a line between them. The next thing I want you to do is make a little tick mark all the way across that line, kind of separated out by how many steps there are to get you from where you are right now to where you’re going.

Because a lot of times, the problem is we see where we are right now and we see where we want to go but we just stand there and it’s like we’re looking at a blank piece of paper. We don’t know what the steps are and so we don’t take the first one, even if we know it because we want to see the whole picture. Well, when I started using this escape and arrival framework, it really clarified things for me because I could now see the whole picture.

So the whole idea is to chunk down your goal into these bite size pieces for every single tick mark or milestone if you want to call it that along that framework between where you are and where you’re going. So each tick mark right now in this first step will be a big step, pretty big, something important in that process.

So you can pause this podcast or you can come back and do it a little bit later, but I want to make sure that you do this now. Like, before the end of the day, or clear off some time first thing tomorrow. Don’t let this get away from you because you want to have the whole 90 days to make this happen.

So now we know what the big steps are. so for example, if you were going to have a website, so you go from no website to a website, what are some of those little milestones or tick marks going to be? Well, you’re going to have to find a web designer, you’re going to have to decide what you want your website to look like, you might have to have a copywriter or do the copy yourself, you may have to have new headshots or several of them.

That’s already four things. And there’s a lot more to that, right? It depends on what kind of website you want to have, what’s wrong with maybe the one you currently have if you have one at all and why you’re improving it. So what kind of changes you would need to make, those might be a step. So you can start to see that you can sit and think about every step. You might have to buy a new domain name if you’re not just keeping the one that you have, or if you’re starting a new business you’d have to buy that, decide what it is.

So there’s a lot of little steps, okay? So now, the next thing that you want to do is you want to start taking each milestone, so say there were 10 steps across there from one side to the other, then you’re going to have 10 more escape and arrival frameworks to help you with each milestone because it’s not just one step to pick a web designer, is it? You’ve got to research web designers, you have to maybe get referrals for web designers. You have to make appointments to talk to web designers, you have to get their pricing and see if it fits your budget. You have to decide on what your budget is. There’re all these things.

So with each individual milestone on some future pages of your journal or wherever you’re doing this work, you’re going to have individual escape and arrival frameworks for each one. So the first one in this example would be if you’re going to hire a web designer, you’re going to escape from having no web designer to hiring one, what are all of those steps? And so if you can start to see this process in your mind, you actually answer all of your questions of what you need to do to get from where you are to where you’re going.

It completely eliminates confusion and yeah, you might not know exactly what some steps are so your step might be to find out about a certain thing or ask a friend about a certain thing or research a certain thing or figure it out essentially. That can be a step. So think about that and so you can keep going on this forever but there’s really no need to. I just want you to have the bigger escape and arrival framework for your 90-day goal and then for each of the milestones in that process, I want you to create its own escape and arrival framework.

So what you’ve essentially done is you’ve taken this big thing that seemed overwhelming and you figured out all the steps that you need to take. And if you think about it, if there’s 10 milestones for example of say, starting a website, and maybe each milestone had 10 steps, that could be 100 steps. And that’s not really out of the question for a lot of things that we do, right? There are a lot of individual things.

Now, not all of those 100 things are going to take a day. Some of them might take two seconds, some of them might take 10 minutes, and some of them may take three and a half days. But the point being you can start to see what they are and that’s the very next step. I want you to take every single step, big and small, on all of the frameworks that you just created, I want you to put them into your calendar over the next 90 days.

Now, my preference is to use Google Calendar or something similar because you don’t just want to drop them in there and assume they all take the same amount of time. You need to actually assign how long you think each thing will take. So more than anything, you’re going to be putting the steps from all of the many escape and arrivals for each milestone, even more so than the bigger ones. You might have the bigger ones listed on there like by the end of week one or week two you want to have accomplished that first step. But it’s really in the day to day and moment to moment stuff that all of those little mini frameworks are going to help you figure out every step and you want to put it on your calendar.

And you can start to see why now, maybe you haven’t accomplished a lot in the past because there literally can be 100 steps in a 90-day period and it’s unlikely that most of you are putting every step on your calendar with a time frame for each one and then actually committing to doing that work when you said you would do it. So this is the way to have one key goal and to actually get the results.

So I want you to actually do that. So you can pause me again if you need to or come back to this later, tomorrow, or you can listen all the way through and then plan out time to do this, but I want you mapping out literally every tiny step to escape from where you are and arrive at where you’re going in the next 90 days. And it’s going to show you if what you think is possible is even possible.

It’s fine if it’s not. If you figure out that you can only do part of this in 90 days, no big deal. Maybe you need two 90-day sprints to accomplish this goal. Then just take two of them. But at least by the end of this year, 90 days from now, you should be halfway to that goal or further. And when you’re further, man, does it ever feel good. But mapping it out this way will really help you visualize how committed you have to be each and every day to hit your goal by the end of the year.

Now, just think about this with personal goals too. Think if you were this disciplined and this organized with losing weight or committing to exercising or getting healthy or something else and you literally had it as your main focus, even if you do have a job, but you’re not working on maybe growing your company right now, you’re working on improving yourself, because as I mentioned earlier, I only want you picking one. Even including personal versus business, just one at a time.

And I’m the first person to be a testament to this because when I’m completely focused on building Design You, can I eat healthy all the time? Sure, but can I commit to losing weight? It’s pretty dang hard because all of my energy is focused on this other thing. So it’s more like maintain my weight during this period, don’t gain weight. I can do that. But committing to a very focused effort on myself in some way or my fitness level or something like that, really difficult to do.

So pick one and chunk it down and you’re going to really have a picture of it now, which is so exciting. So very super cool. Can you see it? Can you see how this will help you hit your goal or at least a big chunk of it by the end of the year? Well, I hope you can.

So now I want you to take the next five key steps every day for the next 90 days so that you actually arrive at your little bubble over there on the right by the end of this year feeling like a total success with your goal. So here they are. Number one, take action on one big thing every single week. So if your goal was to have a new website in 90 days, your first big action for week one might be to hire that web designer and get yourself on the road to the next 90 days, making sure that she even, or he even has time to complete your site by then. Because you may have that goal, but the person you hire may not have that time or that bandwidth.

So that might be your first step in that example. So step number one is to take action on one big thing every week. Step number two, and this is to reach that one big goal every week, you’re going to do that by completing three key smaller things every day first thing in the morning or as soon as you start work before you do anything else and I mean anything. Don’t check your email, don’t have a meeting with someone, don’t start cleaning out the junk drawer at your office or in your kitchen or some other form of procrastination, because that’s what those things are. I want you to clear your calendar, possibly even from 8am until noon or one every day for 90 days so that nothing and I mean nothing gets in the way of you accomplishing your key three things every day that lead to your one big thing a week.

So I know you’re going to think I can’t possibly do that, those are all a bunch of thoughts that are going to come up, and when they do, go listen to episode number four called The Model and How to Solve Any Problem because your thoughts are going to try to derail you. And you’re going to believe you can’t do it but I know you can do it because I do it and I’m very busy and I still do this every day. I clear my mornings and what I need to do gets done first. It’s the opposite of how I used to run my business and how many of you are currently running your business and that is where my stuff was always at the end of the day after I did everything for everybody else in my life, my family and my business. I feel like I started my days at 3pm, and that kind of approach does not equal a successful 90-day sprint.

Number three is what I was just talking about and it’s called feel fear and do it anyway. Because yes, your brain is going to try to derail you every day for all 90 days. You’re going to think, well, no, after day 30 it’s going to get easier. Uh-uh, you’re going to be thinking all sorts of thoughts like, oh my gosh, I’ve done this for 30 days, I can’t keep doing this, everything’s building up, everyone’s mad at me. And it may feel like they are, but that’s okay.

Your brain is going to serve you all those scary thoughts of why this is a bad idea, of how you couldn’t possibly clear your schedule every morning for three months to commit to this and a whole lot of other reasons, and here’s the thing. Not only are they just thoughts, they’re the same thoughts you’ve been thinking for years and the very reason why you don’t already have the results that you want.

So you have some choices. You can either give in to those thoughts and let it derail you and keep not getting the dream life you want or you can do the mindset work along with this and allow yourself to succeed at this 90-day sprint. So I want you to get used to this feeling. I want you to feel all of that fear and then I want you to take action anyway. Acknowledge the fears. Say, good morning fear, I see you there again, we’re going to be really good friends after 90 days because we’re going to hang out together every single day, and you’re going to continue to tell me all the reasons why this won’t work and I’m going to continue to ignore you and do what Tobi said.

You’re going to think that and you’re going to think, fear, you’re not going to stop me from hitting this one key goal. And to help you with this, again, go back to episode four. It’s so important. And listen to other episodes of my podcast about commitment and discipline. There’s several key episodes that we’ll put in the show notes to make sure that you know which ones are really going to help you stay committed to this 90-day sprint.

It’s never the actions that are really hard. It’s always overcoming the mindsets and the beliefs that is the hard part no matter if it’s a business goal, a weight loss goal, or anything else. So please take this part of the process very, very seriously.

Okay, number four, do B- work. What does that mean? Basically, this means don’t be a perfectionist. I have heard this for years, said various different kinds of ways, but the idea of doing B- work means that if you are a perfectionist, you’re never going to hit your 90-day sprint. Because you’re not going to do your first three things every day and let them be good enough at the end of that day and move to the next day’s work. On day four of the week, you’re still going to be perfecting what you were supposed to have just gotten done on day one.

You cannot work this way and get really good at achieving a lot of goals. So you have to remember this philosophy. Done is always better than perfect. And that goes for a workout, or your website copy draft, or creating a sales page for a new service in your business, or recording your first webinar to sell a new course or some new content or recording your own videos for a new marketing series. Instead of waiting until you have the time and the money to hire a super professional.

So here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter what milestone you’re working on. Done is always better than perfect. Period. And you can always, always, always come back later and tweak something even after the 90-day sprint is up. But I just want you to hit your goal, not being terrible results. I’m not saying do D- work, but most of the time we’re perfectionists so what we would consider a B level of work is really an A for most people.

So I want you to hit your goal by putting the thing out there, done is better than perfect, and make it happen. Okay, number five, know that the sooner you fail, the sooner you will succeed. So if you’re a person who tried to prevent failure at all cost, this process is not ever going to happen. You have to realize that part of every goal setting process and part of every goal reaching process includes failure. You’re not going to do everything perfect every time, and likely you’re going to fail a lot of times.

So again, back to the idea of changing your eating. You’re not going to be perfect every day but it doesn’t mean that if you keep doing it every single day to the best that you can that day that over a 90 day period you’re not going to see big results, because you will. So if you’re going to get something launched, if you’re going to create something, if you’re going to make a major change, it’s very unlikely that the first time you put it out, that the first version of it is going to go perfectly as planned.

It takes failing a few times or even a lot of times until you succeed. So that means that you have to fail and fail fast if you want results in 90 days. There’s no time for thinking about it, for critiquing, for asking a ton of friends what they think, for thinking on it some more and then finally launching your first version at day 75 or 80 and leaving yourself no room for getting it completed if it doesn’t work. That is not how it’s going to work.

So I want you to take Nike’s philosophy of just do it as your new philosophy and I want you to just do it as fast as you possibly can. Try the thing as soon as possible. Try Facebook live tomorrow, go try a spin class this afternoon. Try intermittent fasting if that sounds like something that’s going to work for you. Try teaching a webinar. Try hiring a copywriter.

No matter what step you need to take, take it fast and see what you learn as you can make adjustments and keep forging ahead. So now I hope you can see how it’s really important to only set one goal at a time if you want to see big results, especially in just 90 days.

So you’ve got this. Finish strong in 2018 and roll into the new year feeling like a rock star with one big goal checked off your list and preparing you to have your best 2019 ever. It’s the only 2019 you’re going to have but the best year ever in 2019. You totally have got this.

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So this is the place that you can really help me know how to continue to help you have the best kind of business and the best kind of life that you can dream of for the rest of this year over the next 90 days and beyond. Okay, well I’ll see you next week and I can’t wait to hear from lots of you about how you’re doing on your 90 days sprints. Go get ’em.

Thank you so much for joining me for this episode of The Design You Podcast. And if you’d like even more support for designing a business and a life that you love, then check out my exclusive monthly coaching program Design You at tobifairley.com.

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