Ep #224: Encore: How’s Your Workload?

We’re halfway through the year friends, and in my company right now, we’re thinking about what we’ve accomplished so far, whether we’re on track for our goals and dreams, and where we need to make some shifts. And the main question we’re asking is are we still thinking about success in the same way as we were at the beginning of the year?

It is easy and fun to dive into our goals and dreams in January when everything is new and exciting, and we’re all hyped. But when that hype wears off halfway through the year, things can feel harder. We’re in the messy middle, friends, so it’s time to review. This week, I’m bringing you an encore episode of one of our most popular episodes from the last year, the second installment of the Redefining Success series, to help you review where you’re at, and get back on track.

Listen in this week as I’m helping you get clear and committed again to what you want to accomplish at the back end of this year and beyond. I’m showing you how to stop self-loathing and creating suffering, anxiety, and stress for yourself because you are trying to believe in some version of success that does not align with you, and start redefining success for yourself.

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How to see where you are forcing yourself to adhere to society’s view of success.
  • An interesting theory I have about our current definition of success.
  • The real way to redefine success for yourself.
  • Why being willing to disappoint people will help you create success in your life.
  • Some myths about success and why you don’t have to buy into them.
  • Why you get to decide what success looks like for you.

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