Ep #250: Embracing Human Design with DayLuna

Welcome to episode 250! This is a milestone for The Design You Podcast, and I’m so glad y’all are on this journey with me. We’ve got a great episode for you this week, where I talk about human design and how it helps you align with your purpose and optimize your life with my guests, Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles of DayLuna Human Design.

Shayna and Dana are human design specialists who co-founded DayLuna Human Design to empower people towards radical authenticity, personal freedom, and self-love. They co-host the DayLuna Human Design podcast, and have a brand new book (out January 10, 2023) called Your Human Design: Discover Your Unique Life Path and How to Navigate it with Purpose.

Join Shayna, Dana, and me for an incredible conversation about human design, your Saturn return, and how our type changes how we operate in the world. We even talk a little about my type and my birth chart, so you can see how their process works! Y’all are going to love this episode, and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • What your Saturn return is and why it might show up in your life.
  • What human design is.
  • Why Shana and Dana wrote their new book.
  • The importance of understanding your birth chart.
  • The five different types within human design.
  • How you move forward once you know your type.
  • The eight decision making processes.

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