Ep #273: Reaching New Audiences Through Design Content with Hadley Keller

The Design You Podcast Tobi Fairley | Reaching New Audiences Through Design Content with Hadley Keller

If you’re a designer or any kind of creative with an interest in being published or creating content, you’re going to love this episode. I’m joined by a real inside source when it comes to design writing, and she’s here to give us her insights and answers about connection and storytelling in the design industry.

Hadley Keller is a long-time design writer and editor currently serving as Director of Editorial and Community Engagement at the Design Leadership Network, which is a community of top leading designers. Things are rapidly changing in the design content and editorial industry, and Hadley is walking us through what we need to know if we’re trying to navigate this space.

Tune in this week to discover Hadley’s tips for getting creative with your content so you can reach new audiences, and her tips for forming relationships with publishers. We’re discussing how to position your social media to get clients, why there’s no such thing as a local designer anymore, and what you can do to get your work out there.


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What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • The ways the design publishing and editorial industry has changed since Hadley began her career.
  • How embracing the online space has allowed design magazines to keep going strong, even in an industry where print is highly valued.
  • The thought process behind how a specific story is presented by publications in the design industry.
  • How to reach potential consumers by acting as a resource in the design industry.
  • Why you need to know the difference between your fans versus potential clients.
  • Hadley’s tips for designers who want to put themselves out there and create unique content for their online audience.
  • How to start developing a relationship with design publications.
  • Hadley’s advice for using your social media to leverage new clients.
  • Why, even in this day and age with endless social media, it’s still a career-crowning achievement to get a cover of a major publication.

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