Ep #257: Cutting the BS in Your Business with Maggie Patterson

Do you struggle with marketing? For many entrepreneurs, marketing and sales are the aspects of their business that makes them most uncomfortable. But my guest this week is here to discuss marketing in a way you’ve maybe never heard it framed before, and she’s sharing why, if you hate marketing, there’s nothing wrong with you, you’ve just been taught these disciplines in unhelpful and icky ways.

Maggie Patterson has two decades of experience working in client services and she’s been a successful entrepreneur herself for 15 of those years. She works with service businesses and agency owners to build BS-free businesses, helping them market themselves authentically and honestly.

Tune in this week to discover why marketing currently feels icky, and how to go back to basics, putting the customer first. Maggie is sharing her humane business practices, rooted in respect, empathy, and trust, so you can feel empowered, authentic, and proud in how you do business with other human beings.

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How Maggie discovered a need for education around values-driven, ethical marketing.
  • The way we’ve been desensitized to inauthenticity and dishonesty on social media platforms.
  • Why we believe the things we see in the online marketing world are normal, and why a lot of online marketing is actually just normalized manipulation.
  • How, in a lot of cases, we’ve been taught marketing by people who are profiting off of questionable practices.
  • Some classic problematic practices and tactics to look out for in terms of unethical sales and marketing in online business models.
  • What it means to be truly transparent in your marketing and how to spot lip service in businesses you’re considering buying from.
  • The huge problems Maggie sees with ethical marketing certifications.
  • How to be conscious and start marketing your online business in an authentic, honest, BS-free way.

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