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The online information industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry that is projected to grow 20% year after year for the next 5 years. It has already been growing like crazy, as people nowadays expect to hop online and be able to search for a topic and learn how to do something they don’t know how to do. For that reason, there has never been a better time to create that online course you’ve been dreaming of.

I hear people all the time talking about wanting to create online courses. Everyone wants to have one, they dream of additional revenue streams to help balance their cash flow in their design, coaching, or another type of business, yet what I see more often than not is people never getting to it. They dream of it, talk about it and even plan the logistics of it, but then they never seem to take the action to create it. But now is the time to finally take the leap and do it, friends, and here at Tobi Fairley Inc., we’re here to help!

If you have been dreaming of having a scalable product but haven’t known where to start with it, you do not want to miss this episode. I’m sharing everything you need to know about our brand-new online course incubator including what it entails, how many people we’re accepting into it, what you can expect from it, and how it is going to help you have a completely different business just 6-12 months from now.  

Ready to completely transform your business and finally take the action you’ve been putting off to create your online course? You can find out everything you need to know about the Online Course Incubator by clicking here. We can’t wait to welcome you, friend!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • A really cool thing we’re doing in addition to everything we offer in the course.
  • How we help you get your course concept just right and get it off the ground.
  • Why courses can be successful, even if you don’t fancy yourself as a teacher.
  • How much the course costs and how it will completely transform your business.
  • Why creating an online course can create so much value for your clients and income for your business.
  • How this incubator will help you have a completely different business 6-12 months from now.

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Full Episode Transcript

You are listening to The Design You Podcast with Tobi Fairley, a bonus episode.

Welcome to The Design You Podcast. A show where interior designers and creatives learn to say no to busy and say yes to more health, wealth and joy, here’s your host, Tobi Fairley.

Okay, friends, welcome to the podcast. This is a special episode because I have something exciting to tell you about and that is our brand new online Course Incubator. So what is the Incubator? Well, it is a hands-on six month program designed to take 20 people step-by-step through the process of creating an online course. And spots are already selling like crazy but we definitely have room for you. So I wanted you to know all about the program while you can still get a spot.

You know what? I hear people all the time talking about creating online courses. Everybody wants to have one, they dream of one, they dream of additional revenue streams to help balance their cash flow, whether it’s in a design business, or a coaching business, or some completely other type of business. And I just see people talking a lot but not taking a ton of action. And we have been teaching people all about online courses and programs, and digital marketing now for almost four years.

And we’ve had a lot of major success stories, which I’ll tell you about in a minute, a few of those in the online course space. But what I see more often than not is people thinking about it, dreaming about it, worrying about it, not getting around to it, procrastinating, thinking they’ll not get to it, getting busy with their ‘real work’. And now is the time to finally take the leap and create that course. So why now? Well, so many industries are continuing to change, including creative industries like interior design.

And also not to be fearmongering but we do hear word of a possible recession. And even if we don’t go into a recession there’s always changes happening in the economy and in business. But the online information industry, that course industry is a multibillion dollar industry that is planned to grow, projected to grow 20% year after year for the next five years. And it’s already been growing like crazy. So here’s the thing, people expect to hop online, search for a topic and learn how to do something that they don’t know how to do.

And they especially love learning it from the people that are already influencing them in a particular space. So when you have followers, and clients, and customers, and friends, and friends of clients, and people following you on Instagram that are loving the things you do, they’re loving you at your best when you’re doing your craft. There’s definitely an opportunity for you to teach those people that are never going to hire you one-on-one to do your craft for them. But they can learn from you how to do part or all of the things that you’re so good at.

Of course, not all of the things but the whole process, they can learn part of a process a whole process, a very specific niche application of a process. And again I’ll give you some examples in just a minute of people that we have helped create incredible success in the online space. But first let me tell you a little bit more about the online Course Incubator.

So it’s a six month program and we are going to be working really closely with those 20 people. That’s why we are capping in at 20, because we want the space to really help people by being able to review things like your course plan and some modules, some video segments, to get you all the feedback that you need on how to really make things a success. We have created five signature courses so far at Tobi Fairley Inc., in the online space. Of course we’ve created lots of courses and programs that we used to teach live, and so that was a great start.

But you don’t have to have experience teaching live courses to be able to do a really good job at creating an online course. We’ve also taught many, many webinars, and many courses, and workshops and things that have given us all the information we need to know about what to do and what not to do to really be successful at courses.

Now, in this program you’re going to be working really closely with me and really closely with Adrienne who some of you may know as my lead interior designer at the Design Department of Tobi Fairley Inc. But what you may not know about her is she has been a college professor, a college instructor, and a lot of her work and role there was to create curriculum, even curriculum that was getting accredited at the university. So she is really, really good and has been instrumental in helping us streamline the process for creating courses in our own company.

And those are the very processes, and tools, and guides, and workbooks, and ideas, and tips and things that Adrienne and I will be bringing to you over the six months of creating this course. So if a scalable offer, if something that you can make once and sell many, many times, so a one to many situation instead of just one-to-one work that you may be currently doing is something that is appealing to you, that you’ve dreamed about, then jump in and co-create your course with us.

And a really cool thing that we’re doing besides holding your hand as you create this course and will have it completed if you do the work, if you make time to do the work, and make time to get your stuff done for the modules, and the recordings, and all the things we’re going to guide you through, you will have a finished course by summer. But one of the cool things we’re going to do in addition to that is we have been working on some ways to sell not only our courses but other people’s courses through our platforms and programs.

And so at the end of the Course Incubator, those students who have finished your course are going to get the opportunity to pitch your course back to us to be considered for selling, us selling it on our platforms. And if we accept your course, you can still sell it on your own platforms too. We won’t have any ownership of it, but we will sell it and we’ll split the revenues we make with you. So talk about making money while you sleep, sitting around and letting us do the heavy lifting, letting us sell your course, letting us promote it and just getting to collect half the income, that’s a deal.

Plus we’ve spent years building our audience and they’re already primed to purchase things like this from us because we’ve been selling in the online space for a long time. So if all of that weren’t enough and you get all of that in the online Course Incubator, the price is $5,000 for a spot for six months. And you’re going to hear a podcast episode in a couple of weeks from one of our success stories, Linda Holt, that I think you’re going to love. And she says, “Tobi, why didn’t you have this two or three years ago? I’ve spent so much more than that learning how to create my courses that are successful.”

And so I can’t wait for you to hear Linda’s episode. But Linda’s not the only success story. We have Wendy Conklin who is a chair designer. And when she first started working with us probably four or five years ago, she wanted something scalable. And I remember where I was standing in my kitchen on the phone with Wendy talking to her about creating a scalable course. And she wanted to create something about how to upholster your own chairs. But she was afraid it would cannibalize her business, but guess what? It did exactly the opposite.

Wendy has now since launching her course, probably two or three years ago surpassed the half a million dollar mark. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she’s at a million. I haven’t gotten a tally from Wendy lately but she is kicking butt in the course space. And of course that’s not a typical result but it’s totally possible. And we do have many other success stories like Wendy, or like Linda.

Linda’s, one of her first early launches, what I remember, was a $11,000 launch which just sort of blew her mind. And now, Linda, you’ll hear on the episode is quitting her whole interior design business to become a full-time course creator.

We also have stories like Kricia Palmer who is a former doctor turned interior designer. And her whole business is teaching doctors how to design their spaces so that they can feel good when they come home from their busy job of saving lives. And she has had such success. One of her early launches and maybe even the first one was a $30,000 launch. And she’s launched many times since then over the last couple of years. So do the math, but that course, if it launched at $30,000 to begin with, they don’t always grow every launch. But she’s had many successful launches since.

So a few $30,000 launches and you’re crossing the 100K mark with your course. There’s a lot to doing it well and there is a lot to doing it right. And if you hear something about these success stories I’ve talked about with Wendy doing upholstery and Linda who teaches iPhone photography to interior designers because Linda’s both a photographer for 20 something years and an interior designer for more than 10. And then you hear Kricia, the doctor turned interior designer who has a very specific business for doctors.

When you can find the right niche, or the right topic, or the right idea, that’s when your course can really take off. And that’s one of the things that we’re going to do. We’re going to spend an entire month getting your course idea and concept, and audience just right at the very beginning of the Course Incubator. So you really set yourself up for success with a specific group of people that you’re going to go transform some piece or part of their life, or their home, or their world with your program.

So if you have been dreaming of having a course, a scalable product, something that you can do online but you just haven’t wanted to take on all of the stress and the strain of figuring out what to do and how to do it. Let us do that for you. And there’s some things we haven’t even mentioned yet out in the world with the Course Incubator, just some other bonus and additional things we’re going to do for you, like if you don’t want to have your own graphics custom designed.

We are providing multiple templates that you can use, some that are bright and fun, and cheerful. Some that are neutral and more sleek. Some that look a little more masculine. We’re going to give you choices to say, “Let me use this background and these graphics for my course to build the slides that I’m going to teach from.” So that’s the stuff we’re doing for you. We’re throwing that stuff in to make it easier for you so that you don’t have to have all the extra expenses that could come up with building a course.

Because some of you will decide to hire a professional videographer which will cost money. You don’t have to. We’re going to teach you how to do it without that if you want to. But for those of you who do want to spend money in other ways, our goal is to save you money by doing a lot of the stuff for you as far as giving you graphics to use. Giving you tools that we have used to help you really reverse engineer the best content so that your clients that are going to buy this product, or these customers that are going to buy this product can take your courses in bite size pieces and end up with a phenomenal result at the end.

We want your clients getting results because if they do, they’re going to tell all their friends to also buy your course too. And we’ve thought of all of those things. So if this sounds amazing to you, check out the online Course Incubator. We’re going to put links in the bio or in the show notes of this episode. It’s all over our Instagram @tobifairley. And you can go check it out at And you’ll be able to get all of the things that you need to know about the Course Incubator so you can grab one of those 20 spots before they’re all gone.

And one more thing. For those of you who aren’t already Design You members, our Design You year long coaching program, you’re going to find on that webpage about the course that if you do want to add Design You on, now is the time to do it because we’re giving you the option of joining Design You as a bundle with the Course Incubator for a 40% savings on Design You, you all. We never do that. Design You has never been that expensive, even as a standalone, even when it started in the early days.

So this is your chance to come join us also in Design You and get everything we offer there including the marketing and sales courses that’ll help you sell this course, the time management course. That 24 to Freedom that’s going to help you get everything done and keep your business rolling while you’re also building a course. So if that sounds like something that you just can’t resist then grab the bundle and get Design You at a 40% savings and then you’ll get to work with us in all sorts of ways.

You’ll get your own personal success coach in Design You. And we’re going to help you have a completely different business 6 to 12 months from now with Design You because that course, it’s going to be finished in six months by summer of 2023 if you join us in the online Course Incubator right now. Okay friends, that is what I’ve got for you. Reach out to us on Instagram and DMs. You can always email us at Check us out and anything you have questions on we are happy to answer.

But yes, courses can be successful even if you don’t fancy yourself a teacher because all we’re going to help you do is take those brilliant ideas, and the expertise that you already have, that you’ve been practicing for years with your clients and help you turn that into something that you can sell in the online space. So I’ll see some of you ideal really soon in the online Course Incubator. Bye for now.

Thank you so much for listening to The Design You Podcast, and if you are ready to dig deep and do the important work we talk about here on the podcast of transforming your mindset and creating a scalable online business model, there has never been a more important time than right now. So, join me and the incredible creative entrepreneurs in my Design You coaching program today. You can get all the details at

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