Ep #55: Behind the Scenes of Entrepreneurship with Denise McGaha

I’ve got one of my besties on today, Denise McGaha! Denise is often tapped as an interior design influencer, and we’re talking entrepreneurship, zone of genius, and just life in general on the podcast this week.

We often see the highlight reel of influencers and creatives on Instagram, but my chat with Denise really focused on behind the scenes – the hard parts of being a businesswoman. A question I get all the time is about how I do it all, running a business whilst maintaining balance, and I quiz Denise on how she runs her life so successfully.

Tune in this week to listen in on our catch up between a couple of friends! Denise shares some inspiring insight into how she balances her life and business, and you’ll get to learn some fun things about her along the way too!

What You'll Learn From This Episode

  • How Denise does it all.
  • Denise’s zone of genius and how she identified where her value lies.
  • How Denise balances health and wellness, family, and travel.
  • Denise’s passion for fashion and how she incorporates it into her lifestyle.
  • How Denise uses her travel days to practice self-care.
  • Denise’s thoughts on social media and why she was hesitant to get into it.
  • The hardest things and most exciting things Denise is working on in her life and business right now.

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