Included within are the Code of Conduct, Confidentiality Agreement, Statement of Intent, Photo & Video Release, and Membership Cancellation Policy and Rejoin Terms, collectively the “Terms of Use” for the Millionaire Mentorship Program.

As a progressive organization, Tobi Fairley & Associates is committed to allowing freedom of expression, including maintaining a safe online space for people to express their views. Further, our business is commited to anti-racist behavior and practices, and is intentionally committed to supporting businesses owned or operated by entrepreneurs from communities that have been marginalized—and to create a welcoming, equitable experience for all.

Millionaire Mentorship members who participate in our online forums (hosted on Mighty Networks) are diverse – and their views reflect that diversity. What we all share is the desire to talk seriously about issues that matter to our businesses and to the creative community.

That being said, everyone who contributes to these conversations should be able to express their views, ideas, and discussions in a safe environment, without reproach. In order to foster a safe space for intelligent and respectful dialogue, everyone who participates in our online forums must agree to and abide by the following:


Debate and conversation is encouraged, but it must remain civil and respectful. We do not tolerate disrespect, discourtesy, vulgarity, or threats of any kind on our online forums.

This means that TFA reserves the right to remove all posts and comments that:

Please note: If a user violates our Code of Conduct, TFA reserves the right to ban them from further participation on any of our online forums, and remove them from the group with no refund of fees.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to fostering many engaging conversations about the world of design, other creative industries, life and business strategies.


A coaching relationship is a two-way confidentiality, and a group coaching program involves the confidentiality of all members in both directions.

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that all proprietary information, including but not limited to intellectual property, company information, financial information, business information, drawings, documents, resources, client and project information, member information and all other property of Tobi Fairley and Associates and of you, the client, remains confidential and will only be used by TFA if at all, as a work study for other clients, unless otherwise granted permission by you, in which case we will not divulge names of you or your company without written permission.

It is expressly prohibited by law to share with anyone or use in any way, anything that resides at, or originates as a result of the process of conducting business with Tobi Fairley & Associates and the Millionaire Mentorship program, without written permission from Tobi Fairley. This includes, but is not limited to the following: all company information, business operations, employee information, information about other Millionaire Mentorship members and their posts, all financial information, client information, project information, vendor information, emails, operational systems, files, drawings, photographs or reproductions of such, CAD drawings, sketches or photographs of work done by Tobi Fairley Interior Design or by you during your business with Tobi Fairley & Associates and Millionaire Mentorship. Use of, dissemination of, or distribution of any of the aforementioned items or any other company property or portion thereof, or any information gained while participating in Millionaire Mentorship program including names or personal information or posts by other members, for any purpose whatsoever, unless given written consent by Tobi Fairley and the other group member, is considered theft and is a criminal offense, punishable under the laws of the state of Arkansas.

It is imperative that all intellectual property and proprietary information such as company information, business operations, internal affairs, financials, reports, member information, or project information is to be held in the strictest of confidence. This should be adhered to by both Tobi Fairley & Associates and the client for the benefit of the business of each party. There is no end date to the term of effectiveness of this confidentiality agreement. However, should the consulting relationship or Millionaire Mentorship membership be terminated, such termination shall be upon written notice to the other party. There will be no refund of any pre-paid monies by the client for any reason whatsoever. All remaining obligations under the confidentiality agreement remain in full force and effect after any termination of the consulting.

Retaining the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, members and our company is very important to us. It is the express intention of Tobi Fairley & Associates and the Millionaire Mentorship program that if we receive any indication there has been a breach of this agreement, Tobi Fairley & Associates will do all in its power to ensure the involved persons are held accountable and appropriate legal action will be taken.

By purchasing, you agree to these terms as a condition of a client of Tobi Fairley & Associates and the Millionaire Mentorship program, and understand that you will be legally responsible for maintaining confidentiality as it is described in this agreement, even after your business with Tobi Fairley & Associates and your Millionaire Mentorship membership is concluded. In turn, Tobi Fairley & Associates will adhere to the same guidelines regarding your company and personal information.


In any coaching program, change is part of the coaching process. You should be aware that ups and downs are normal in coaching, as is reaching a plateau. Note that we need to have “down cycles” to achieve growth and change. After all, that’s why you’re reaching out to Tobi Fairley and the Millionaire Mentorship program.

For the coaching process to work, Tobi Fairley and her associates need your permission/agreement that we may:

Here are some things to remember:

Role of Coach

Role of Client/Member

YOU are responsible for YOUR results. Success is directly related to your commitment and effort made.

By signing this agreement, Client acknowledges that neither Tobi Fairley, nor any other individual operating on behalf of Tobi Fairley and Associates, is a licensed psychologist, counselor, health care professional, attorney, or financial advisor and coaching is not intended as a substitute for psychological counseling, therapy, or professional health care advice.

Coach is not a legal, tax, or financial professional, and cannot give you legal, tax, or financial advice. No advice given by Coach shall be interpreted as legal, tax, or financial advice. Similarly, no advice given by Coach should be interpreted as psychological, counseling, medical, or health care advice.

Coach cannot and does not guarantee any particular results, financial or business outcomes. Coach does not hold a fiduciary relationship with Client. The only duties owed to Client by Coach are those expressly contained in this Agreement and any other duty, whether implied by law, by contract, or otherwise, is specifically waived and disclaimed by Client.


By attending coaching calls and other Millionaire Mentorship membership events, you are granting Tobi Fairley & Associates permission to take your photograph, record your on video or audio, and to use your photo, voice, and physical surroundings without restrictions for the promotion, publicity, and/or organizational purposes of Tobi Fairley & Associates. This can include print, projection, website, video, or any other future media market.

You expressly release Tobi Fairley & Associates or representatives of any media or institution that uses, transmits, exhibits or releases photos, videos, or audio recordings of you from any claims arising from such use or distribution.

With your purchase, you agree that you are fully responsible for your own participation and hold Tobi Fairley & Associates harmless from any liability, loss of expense that could arise from the use of your photo, video, or voice. You also consent to the use of your name and other material about you that may accompany any photo, video, or audio recording.


Millionaire Mentorship is a yearly program and once purchased there is no cancellation or refund policy. Your purchase gives you access to the program and its features and materials for 12 consecutive months. Once your 12-month term is complete you will no longer have access to the Millionaire Mentorship site or past member materials and assets unless you renew for another year at the current renewal rate. Any items you’ve downloaded prior to completing the program are yours to keep. But, your access to the community, content, materials will cease when your year ends. You may renew for as many years as you wish if the content is continuing to be of service to you and your business.

Tobi Fairley, Inc. reserves the right to update these terms as needed. The most recent Member Agreement Terms can always be found inside Millionaire Mentorship.

Your purchase verifies that you have read and agree to our Terms and that you will read and abide by updated or revised Member Agreement Terms posted inside Millionaire Mentorship.

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