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The DesignYou
Advisory Board


The board is made up of a diverse group of current and past DesignYou members who exemplify our values and bring unique perspectives to our program.

They love to share their opinions and feedback that make DesignYou grow and become better year after year. Their willingness to share their expertise and personal lived experiences help us to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in our program and ensure it’s a safe place for everyone.

Melanie Coddington

Melanie Coddington designs mansions for self-made millionaires and cannabis dispensaries for soon-to-be millionaires. Her clients are self-made, down-to-earth, and inspire others through leadership. She and her team of talented interior designers work locally in California and virtually nationwide.

Since then, she has built a multi-million dollar design firm, assembled a world-class team, received national recognition, and created magazine-worthy homes and retail stores that reflect her clients’ personalities, style, and lifestyles. She’s proudest of that last one.

Since then, she has built a multi-million dollar design firm, assembled a world-class team, received national recognition, and created magazine-worthy homes and retail stores that reflect our clients’ personalities, style, and lifestyles. She’s proudest of that last one.

Melanie has moved fully into the owner role of her design companies, freeing up time to create her newest offering: business advising to interior designers. She’s sharing her exact playbook on how she got out of the day-to-day in her companies and created financial freedom. She is loving this new chapter in her career!

When she’s not leading her teams and advising designers, you can find her spending time with her wife and son, renovating their mid-century modern home in Northern California, and being a fierce ally to trans, queer, and BIPOC communities.

Gail Davis

Gail Davis Designs is renowned for crafting elegant interiors that feel soulful, livable, and personal. For 15 years, celebrated designer Gail M. Davis has applied her formal design training to homes across the country, transforming houses into her clients’ forever homes.

With a background in the fashion industry, Gail is passionate about using color and textiles throughout her projects. Though her spaces are steeped in classical decorating principles, she is passionate about crafting interiors that are comfortable, functional living spaces. Each client is different, and each space must consider the reality of their lives, not just serve as a beautiful room.

Gail studied at New York School of Interior Design and honed her craft interning at two of New York City’s most prestigious firms—Bunny Williams Inc. and David Kleinberg Design Associates. Her projects have been published in House Beautiful, Elle Decor, AD Pro, Domino, and more.

Tina Dhillon

Tina is a registered Architect with a specialization in Interiors. She also has a degree in Urban Planning. Her dual training has helped her to see the big picture and find the best possible spatial solutions for her clients. She has been called a master problem solver and an out-of-the-box thinker. She really believes in improving one’s life through simplicity in Design.

Tina started Studio DO Architecture + Interiors with a design approach she calls bold simplicity, which is the application of a minimalist approach to the design process. Tina’s modern, creative approach to her practice is informed by her multicultural upbringing, extensive travel, and formal architectural education.

The process of working with individuals to bring out their personal expression – be it through private collections, hobbies, or ways of living – is a cornerstone of her design philosophy. Studio DO is an architectural and interior design practice based in Vancouver. In addition, Studio DO creates a series of Curated City Guides for the Visually Minded focusing on Art Architecture and Design that encourages others to “travel like a designer.”

Marilyn Hill

Marilyn Hill began consciously creating spaces from the time she was big enough to rearrange her grandparents’ living room, and has been a professional in the interior design industry since 2007.

Over the years of working with clients, Marilyn found the biggest hurdle wasn’t poor space planning or out-of-date trends, but rather a fight against “should.” The pervasive noise of “shoulds” (aka opinions coming at us all from magazines, TV, social media, and even friends & family), left her clients feeling unsure and insecure about what route they “should” take. Her passion for helping clients prioritize themselves over design guidelines and trends, coupled with her own love of self-development, prompted Marilyn to become a life coach in 2021. Now Marilyn consults and coaches via her signature process, The Cinqtuary Method, which easily adapts to whether her client’s goal is to create a beautiful home, or a beautiful life.

When Marilyn’s not working you can typically find her reading or hanging with her husband and fur-babies at their home outside of Nashville, TN.

John McClain

John McClain is the CEO and Creative Director of the award-winning interior design firm, John McClain Design, with offices in California and Florida.

John’s interior design and home furnishings creations have been featured in numerous shelter publications and television networks including Elle Décor, Traditional Home, HGTV, and NBC. John is also a contributor to outlets such as Martha Stewart Living, Interior Design magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Us Weekly. Aesthetically, John’s design style marries the genres of Art Deco, Hollywood Regency, and mid-century modern-all fused with a fresh elegance that results in his signature “comfortable-chic” design style.

John’s first book, The Designer Within, is out now his design projects alongside helpful tips and processes. John is also a business coach for interior designers and has also launched his digital courses, entitled The Designer Within {Business}, using all of the education he has learned in Design You!

Ruxana Oosman

Ruxana Oosman is a professional interior designer who empowers clients to live better lives through intentional and thoughtful design. She received her BA in Interior Design and her extensive world travels, combined with her years of professional experience, equip her to create warm, inviting homes that welcome family & friends— homes where everyday events are celebrated— and where dogs are members of the family.

Timothy Rivers

Timothy Rivers Interiors is a full service residential and hospitality design firm. His relationships with New York City’s and South Florida’s most prominent builders, developers, and partners, is a coup for his upscale clientele looking for modern and traditional spaces of exceptional quality and character. It’s particularly valuable for his international, pied-a-terre, and executive clients’ spaces. Delivering functional design to a discerning clientele is just part of my soul,” explains Timothy. “This is who I am for people.”

Jessica Velazquez

Jessica is an Interior Designer and host of an Instagram live show, My Very First Home.

She’s a firm believer that our well-being is inseparable from our environment. Tired of seeing homeowners let trends, sales and feeds dictate their home style, Jessica created her 3-fold Design Map, a framework that helps students strategize dreams, beat decor fatigue, & avoid budget regrets. She is on a mission to empower others to create spaces that take care of them and set them up for success.

Hi! I'm Tobi

I help creative women (and a few really progressive dudes) design profit-generating, soul-fulfilling businesses that let them own their schedule, upgrade their life and feel more alive than ever!

April Force Pardoe

The Show Runner (Official Title: Chief of Operations) She/Her

Fueled by a morning workout, meditation, and two cups of coffee, April makes sure all the things on our daily to-do lists are helping us make progress toward our company vision. Before joining the team, she ran her own interior design business and managed large-scale festivals (yep, she totally rocks). When her laptop is shut down, she loves to be with her family, relax on the beach, or listen to a good podcast (Smartless, Dare to Lead and We Can Do Hard Things are at the top of her queue).

Nichol Grady

Process Whisperer (Official Title: Operations Assistant) She/Her

Nichol helps execute all the behind-the-scenes tasks, from podcast and community management to communication. She loves almost any activity that lets her celebrate her creativity, whether it’s arts and crafts, a DIY project, writing, or listening to music. If she was stranded on a deserted island, she’d bring a journal, umbrella, and a snow cone machine (wise choice).

Adrienne Meachum

Creative Genius (Official Title: Interior Design Director) She/Her

Adrienne runs our clients’ interior design projects and creates content for our coaching programs. She’s never met a space she can’t plan like a boss, and she’s got a knack for turning super high-level concepts and ideas into bite-sized, actionable content. Adrienne is a true crime junkie, amateur mixologist, and professional snuggler to her grandson Luka and her dog, Albus. At least once a day, she thinks about exercising and sometimes she even does it!

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