Tobi TV: How to Make a Grand Room More Intimate

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It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means – it’s time for Tobi TV! This week I thought it would be fun to take you back to my room at the Hampton Designer Showhouse, to give you some ideas of how to make a big room feel more cozy.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 1.29.15 PM

The master bedroom I designed is big! It is about 20×20 and has 12-foot ceilings, which is a grand space that can feel overwhelming. Take a look at these tips that will bring this room down to size…

So here are my Tobi’s Tips for Making a Grand Room More Intimate:

1. Use a room-sized rug – A rug that fills the room pulls each part of the room together, from a sleeping area to a sitting area. It really makes a big room much more cohesive and is worth every penny!

2. Large-scale furniture – You really have to use the right scale of furniture for a big room. If you go too small, you’ll be left with an unbalance room that looks “off.” Think about a tall headboard for your bed, or high-backed chairs, or a larger-sized chest.

3. Take your window treatments all the way to the ceiling – This is a great way to fool the eye into thinking the room is smaller and more cozy. It’s also much more luxurious and properly fills the space on the wall, so don’t stop at the top of the window!

4. Use wallpaper – I love wrapping a big room in a great wallpaper like the one in the Hampton Designer Showhouse. Wallpaper fills a lot of wall space so you don’t have to worry about having a lot of art on the walls, which can become very busy, and expensive!

5. Remember scale for your light fixture – Just like the furnishings, do not go too small with any light fixtures you use in the room. You need to use a grand fixture that can hold its own.

So I hope you’ll use these tips to help make a larger room in your house feel more intimate and cozy. Do you have any other tips you would like to share? I would love to hear them! And remember to share this video with your design loving friends!

I’ll see you next week on another episode of Tobi TV!








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My “Game Changing” Mastermind Program Content for 2015

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be a learnerSo it’s that time of year again. Time to for all the kids to go back to school and time for you to start thinking about learning, too! If you are a designer or a professional in fields like interior design, architecture, staging, or other creative arenas, my Mastermind Program is the perfect learning experience for you.


Education can change the world and it can change YOUR business. Most big companies that are staying on top of their industry know they must invest in training and education for their leaders and team members. But for many of us as small business owners, we are just trying to keep our head above water, so education and training rarely enter our minds. Or worse, we know we need it, yet think we can’t afford training. But I argue that you can’t afford not to get training that will help you make huge strides in your profit and performance! And if you are thinking about getting into the field of interior design or another creative field, then my Mastermind program is a MUST, so you can learn all the ins and outs of owning your own creative business before you make costly mistakes. At a price of only $833 per month at the premier level, but with a return on investment of many times that amount, joining in my Mastermind program is a smart investment for the future of your business in the way of net profit to the bottom line!

And my favorite thing about this time of year, is that I LOVE announcing our upcoming speakers, topics, and locations. This year we are going BIGGER than ever with all 3! So stayed tuned for a few minutes more because I will get to those exciting details in a moment.

First, I want to say that I know it isn’t easy owning your own design business or any other creative small business. Many of you got into the business because you enjoy the creativity but you didn’t necessarily want to be a bookkeeper, a marketing exec, a PR pro, or any of the other roles that you have to take on as the owner/CEO of your own company.

the future can be better

And though the recession seems like it’s in our rear-view mirror, it’s still a tough time to be a designer or creative – whether you’re juggling too many roles in your company, or you’re having a hard time finding your ideal clients, or you’re having trouble navigating the market with all the direct-to-consumer product sales and everyone thinking they can do your craft on their own, or you’re confused about what to charge for your services. If you are the sole person in your company, it can also be a lonely proposition with no one to talk to, to support you, and to help you work through any problems or issues. But here is where I can help YOU!

passion is your paycheck

My Mastermind Consulting Group can give you a roadmap to turning your passion into your paycheck and to building your business into what you have always dreamed it could be – a profitable AND fulfilling career where you live your passion every day while making the money to build the life you imagine!

surround yourself

Mastermind is a progressive consulting group for design and creative professionals. As a member of Mastermind, you’ll not only get instructive business coaching and advice straight from me, you’ll also participate in a community of forward-thinking businesspeople who draw on experience from an array of backgrounds and specialties. You’ll learn everything from how to charge what you’re worth, how to get systems in place to help you run your business, how to attract your ideal client, and my best tools and strategies for marketing, PR, and social media! And those are just the basics! In each on-site session (there are 3 per year), I will bring you the latest and hottest topics facing creatives today to help you stay ahead of the curve and be one of the 40% of small businesses that thrive instead of one of the 60% that won’t be in business just a few years from now.

Even better, the peer support is priceless, offering an open and non-competitive atmosphere for us all to share and to help each other. There are no judgements and no question is off limits!

Here is what one of my Mastermind members said about the program:

“Through Mastermind, my business has had sustained growth year-over-year. Gross revenue and net profit have more than doubled two years in a row! I have implemented office processes, marketing strategies, and hiring practices to grow my business with a strong and solid foundation. I can also add ‘nationally published’ to my list of accomplishments. Mastermind was a game changer for me!”  Liz Carroll

So let’s change your game, too, and bring you the success you DESERVE! Now let me tell you the topics, locations, and exciting speakers (besides all the instruction and in-depth on-site content from me) we have planned to help you do just that…

There’s still time to join us now and make our September session.

September 15-17, 2014 in Dallas. The Topic is Making More Money in the New Economy: taking a deep dive into revenue streams with new ideas and concepts to help you make money!

I am thrilled that we will have designer extraordinaire Barry Dixon with Arteriors CEO Mark Moussa talking about finding the perfect partners for licensing and collaborations and also helping our members identify new revenue streams for their business to help create additional cash flow.



We have the fabulous Michelle Workman who has had A-list clients including Jennifer Lopez, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, and Kirstie Alley, just to name a few. Michelle recently worked with Shutterfly in NYC on a special project along side actress Olivia Palermo and Martha Stewart.  Michelle also has a fabulous web TV show called Glamour Goes South, sponsored by real estate site Zillow. Michelle will talk about how to create new and unique revenue streams like these in your own business.

In addition to this, on day 2 of our September event (which is open to our Deluxe-level members), we will be working with licensing consultant Stephen Carlson to talk about licensing from a practical perspective – how to partner, how to do your homework on a company to ensure you don’t get burned, and what to look for in a partnership. And attorney Julie Greathouse will help you get your contracts in tip-top shape, whether for design clients, for partnerships with builders or other industry partners, or for licensing agreements and other creative collaborations.

And I am also excited about our remarkable 2015  line-up in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York. We have fabulous speakers for February and will be announcing more of the fantastic speakers for the June and September sessions really soon, but let’s talk about the content and topics now.

February 24-25, 2015: Elevating your Design Work and Your Client Presentations to Operate at the TOP of your Game! 

Location: Atlanta, Ga., in partnership with the Design Bloggers Conference!


Our TOP-LEVEL guest speakers include Suzanne Kasler who will talk to you about how to elevate your design work to get million-dollar design clients.


And Brian Patrick Flynn, designer, HGTV producer, and owner of Flynnside Out production company who will talk about what your work really needs to be for TV and magazines and how to take your design presentations to the ultimate creative level. Add in all of the fabulous speakers at the Design Bloggers Conference, and you have an AMAZING event with a huge value to your profitability and online presence!

June 9-10, 2015: Digging Down into Your Financials: How to Go from Barely Making It to Making it BIG!  

Location: Orange County, California (30 minutes from Los Angeles)

We have some unbelievable experts and gurus ready to help you make REAL money! First, we’ll help you dig into your current financials to see where you have challenges and where you have opportunities. We’ll also talk about how to build a multi-million dollar company – what it takes, how much capital you need, and how to get there! And then we’ll focus on your company projections and where you really need to be to pay yourself a six-figure income!

September 15-16, 2015*: The 3 Ps – Pitch, Published, and Partnerships – Cashing in on your Niche Strategy to Get Exposure and Make Real Money 

Location: New York City      *note – date could change slightly

Speakers for this event include editors from the TOP shelter publications, who will tell you what it REALLY takes to get published in their magazines, top NYC publicists who will tell you how they get their clients on the Today show and other high-level press, and a panel of successful designers who are expanding their businesses into partnerships that are making them money.

Whew! Fabulous content and speakers, right? And these are just the on-site sessions. With Mastermind, you also get monthly telecalls on hot topics facing creative businesses to listen to at your convenience, weekly accountability emails to hold you accountable to the job of improving your business, a FREE ticket to my Designer MBA course – my foundational business course that will take your business to a new level – discounts on all other Tobi Fairley Consulting and 6 Tobi’s Bookclub telecalls a year – where I bring you my “Tobi’s notes” version of my favorite business books so you can put them to work for you!  See all the details of what you get with Mastermind  when you visit the consulting section of my website here, whether you join at the premier level or move up to the deluxe level of Mastermind for even more hand-holding and business changing mentoring and coaching. WOW!

Take action

So if you are ready to stop leaving money on the table, to start charging what you are worth and to create REAL change in your business, Mastermind can be that game-changer for you. Take action and join Mastermind TODAY!

For pricing and more information please email me at And if you are one of the first 20 people to email me, you will receive 10% off your first year of Mastermind!! Want to join us for all 4 of the fantastic sessions mentioned above? There is still time, and if you join Mastermind starting now through the end of 2015, I will offer you a VERY special price and extra payments to help you take the leap for almost 18 months of outstanding business and life changing content including ALL FOUR of the exciting sessions mentioned above. So email me at TODAY for more information!

I can’t wait to work with you in my Mastermind Program!








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And the Winner Is…

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As I told you last month, I love my new Julie Lopez snakeskin shoes! And now we’ve had a random drawing to select one lucky winner to get a pair for herself!


So, drumroll please…. The winner of a pair of Julie Lopez shoes is Cheryn Mitchell!! Congratulations! We’ll be in touch soon so you can get your own fabulous pair of pumps – or flats. There are so many choices on the website that I know you’ll have a hard time deciding.

For those of you who did not win, we still have a GREAT prize for you! Julie Lopez is extending its special 20% off discount for all of you, if you use the Tobi20 discount code at checkout. This discount will be good through this Sunday!

I hope all of you will have a fabulous weekend in a gorgeous pair of your own favorite shoes!








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Tobi TV: The Hampton Designer Showhouse

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Tobi TV logo

Today for Tobi TV, I thought I’d share with you the fun video tour of the Hampton Designer Showhouse that recently ran on Open House TV in New York. Click here to watch the video!


What an honor to be featured along with other talented designers from the Showhouse including the fabulous Phoebe Howard. Want to see more? I recorded some fun videos of my own in the house that I will be bringing to Tobi TV soon.

In the meantime if you want to get this look, here are a few Tobi’s Tips…

1. Balance the feminine and the masculine aspects of a space to make it comfortable and appealing to everyone. The handsome grey geometric wallpaper mixed with the pretty orange floral does just that!

2. Afraid of going too bold with your color? Start with a warm neutral like this grey and layer in bright pops like I did with the orange Toile.

3. Tie your whole space together with the artwork like the exquisite abstract in my space courtesy of Birnamwood Gallery in the Hamptons.

So give these tips a try and let me know how they work. And be sure to visit the Hampton Designer Showhouse sponsored by Traditional Home Magazine while you still can. It’s open through September 1st at 5:00pm. And do let me know what you think of my space. Leave me a comment to tell me your favorite parts!

See you next time on Tobi TV! xo,


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Self-care Saturday: Gratitude 365 Days of the Year

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gratitudeI believe in gratitude as a practice. I believe in writing down what I’m grateful for daily. Around this time last year I read an article about keeping a gratitude journal numbered sequentially for the entire year, so I started that habit in January. And it’s pretty neat to see that as of August my list includes over 800 things I have been grateful for this year.


I also use gratitude as a tool when I am stressed or anxious about something that I am wishing to come to fruition. By listing all the things I am currently grateful for instead worrying about something that I am hoping to happen, I stay calm and happy. And the great thing is that when I have an attitude of gratitude, it seems like more things I want, fall into place naturally.

good things in life

So on this self-care Saturday, are you willing to adopt a gratitude practice? How many things do you think you can be grateful for between now and the end of the year. I bet you will be surprised. I typically have 10-20 things on my list each day.

gratitude begins

Adopting a gratitude practice brings joy to your life each day. It’s a great form of self-care so give it a try!

Happy Saturday. xo,

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