Gifts for Fashionistas

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Tory Burch trench coat

If you know anything about me at all, you know I have a passion for fashion! So today I thought I’d put together a fun gift list for anyone in your life who is a fashionista, too. Any fashion expert will tell you that a number-one staple in your wardrobe should be a trench coat, and I love the sleek stylish design from Tory Burch above, with its patent leather trim. Click through the caption link to get your own!


Banana Republic LBD

Another key piece in any fashionista’s wardrobe has to be the Little Black Dress, and I’m crazy for this version from Banana Republic! It comes in an easy ponte fabric that is no-muss no-fuss.


Raoul Mouret skirt

For a brighter look, I love this Raoul Mouret gold skirt from Lord & Taylor – it’s a colorful and slightly edgier look that will shine in the winter months that are coming!


Skirt from JOA

Piperlime has a jacquard brocade skirt that is gorgeous and sophisticated! It would be perfect for any holiday party on your list.

And here are a few fashion items that would be great stocking stuffers for a fashionista:


Beauty sleep mask from Kate Spade g

Sunglasses from Warby Parker


Compact from Henri Bendeln

Texting gloves from Old Navy

Need even more ideas? Visit my Gifts for Fashionistas pinboard here! Happy shopping, ya’ll!









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New House Diary: The Heart of a Home

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New House Diary

Today we’re going to do something a little different for New House Diary. I want to talk about the heart of the home – what really transforms a new house into a HOME. You can have all of the most beautiful furnishings and a magazine-worthy design, but a home is only created with those we love, the people and pets who help us make amazing memories and who fill our home with love and joy.

In the Entry 2

Many of you have seen photos of my previous house that featured my sweet Harley, a lovely little “fur baby” that wandered into my life 14 years ago, and who sadly left us today. Harley was there for all of my best and most exciting days in our previous homes. She was with me just as I started dating my husband, and we’ve been married for almost 13 years now. And she was there when I had my daughter 9 years ago.

On Orange Chair

She was a sweet and gentle soul who just wanted to be loved and to love us back. She really was at the heart of our home, and of our lives. And while we will have celebrations and will create memories in our new home that Harley won’t see, she’ll still be a part of us.

In Master Bedroom

So goodbye sweet Harley. You will always be the heart of our home.








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Which Would You Choose: Covered Books or Book Jackets?

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134 This week, I would like to give you a choice about something in YOUR home! Usually on Wednesdays I ask you to help me make up my mind on a design detail for my new house – which hopefully will be ready to unveil some time in the new year!

But this week, I’m curious about which you would choose in your own home: books that are covered to coordinate with the decor of the room, or leaving books in their usual book jackets. I already know which one I will choose for my living room, but I also know it’s a controversial choice.


I prefer to design my bookshelves as part of the overall composition of the space - so covering the books is not a trend for me, it’s something I like to do to keep the design continuity going in the room! I do get that it isn’t a look for everyone. Many people like to pull books off the shelves to read them at a moment’s notice, and that’s harder to do when you can’t see the titles of any of the books!


But I like to keep the books that I want to read – and I am a BIG reader – closer at hand. So when we get to another room in my house you’ll see that there I’ll have all of my books uncovered. In the living room for my new house, though, I want the space to be sleek, serene, restful. So in this room, I’m probably going to have many books on the shelves covered in white paper to keep that mood.

So what would YOU choose in your own home? I would love to “uncover” both sides of this question! Let me know in the comments below!









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Tobi TV: Creating Office Spaces That Work

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I love working in my own stylish office space, it keeps me creative and organized at the same time! It is so key to have a room that really works for you, whether you have an office outside your home, a dedicated room for a home office, or you’re using part of another room, like a bedroom or family room.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.31.34 PM

In my own office, I keep my work room organized with patterned boxes, lots of shelving and drawers, and a system that helps keep everything right at hand. So here are my best tips for creating a stylish office that really works for YOU:

See how just a few simple tips and tricks can give you an office area that will keep you motivated with style? Let’s recap those tips here:

1. Add stylish details to your office, like a great fretwork pattern. Keep that pattern going through items like fabrics, furnishings, and accessories to create a coordinated look.

2. In double-duty rooms, be sure to take advantage of multipurpose pieces of furniture. For example, a desk can also serve as a bedside table.

3. No matter where your office is located, be sure you have plenty of storage. Keep things organized with gorgeous colored boxes and files that fit your design personality.

4. Kick things up a bit with fun office products, like a bright blue stapler or a cherry red pencil holder. Even your desk accessories should have style!

5. Keep color in mind when designing your office space. Reds and yellows are stimulating colors, but if your office is in a guest room, that may not work for a restful space for guests!

Use these tips to create a stylish workspace in your home or office! And be sure to share this video with your friends and coworkers!

Now let’s get back to work!









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Gifts for Techies

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Tory Burch FitBit bracelet

It’s Cyber Monday- a BIG shopping day online, and a great day to talk about gifts for techies! I hope Santa is reading this blog post because the gift I’ve put on the very top of my list for this holiday season is the Tory Burch FitBit bracelet! It’s a chic and stylish way to hide your FitBit while you keep track of your fitness routine throughout the day. Much better than that rubber bracelet, right?

The tech world is offering a lot of fantastic ideas for gifts this year, and there are quite a few that I have my eye on! Check out my favorite picks for gadgets to give this holiday season:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.06.24 PM

Bose SoundTrue headphones look stylish, and deliver fab sound


The Beats speaker is sleek and small, but gives a lot of volume!


This bluetooth-enabled Iwerkz foldable keyboard helps you type on smaller devices


Mighty Purse recharges your phone in style!


I first saw this Native Pop handset at the awesome 21c hotel! Makes talking and working easy and chic!

Aren’t these tech gifts fun and useful? I have even more ideas on my pinboard – just click here! I’ll bet you might find a few great gifts, and a few things for you!

‘Tis the season! Happy Cyber Monday!










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