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When I ask new clients for their favorite colors, or for specific inspirations for their decor, one theme constantly comes up: sandy beaches and blue waters. It makes perfect sense! Where else do you feel that calm, that warm, that peaceful? It’s no wonder that the colors of summer can put us in a happy place, even on a dark and icy winter’s day. So here are some of my favorite palettes to make it summer in your home, all year round!


For the family room above, I went right to water colors, literally! From the Sherwin-Williams Tidewater paint color, to that creamy white, to a deep navy, these soothing blues will have you mentally checking into that beach cabana in no time.


Sandy beaches and sea glass were the inspiration for this living room’s palette, so I used a great sand color on the walls with Sherwin-Williams Kilim Beige. The gorgeous glass-based lamps, water-inspired art, and sea glass accessories bring the beach inside in a sophisticated way.


Summery yellow creates a special magic in darker rooms, like this Sherwin-Williams Alchemy color! Pair it with a creamy beige and a charcoal grey for a chic and warm palette.


And finally, there’s nothing that I love more than pairing summer whites with a deep citrus and a blue inspired by the sky! This palette is both calming and energizing, just like a seaside getaway.

So what do you think of my summertime palettes? Are there any colors that you love to use in your home to create an oasis? Let me know in the comments section below!

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    The combinations are so pretty!! franki