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Working on spaces for clients who have young children can be a challenge. If you’re a parent yourself, you know how quickly a gorgeous sofa can be destroyed by juice and dirty shoes, or how great accessories are just toys in a little person’s mind. And it’s not like it’s our fault as parents. We’re so busy trying to keep our heads above water most of the time, we can’t even think about our homes and keeping them clutter-free, right? So when I have the chance to take a client’s home from kid zone to grown-up space, I love it! I know it’s going to make a big difference in everyone’s quality of life and stress level.

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As you can see above, my clients in this project had some well-loved pieces of furniture, mixed in with a whole lot of toys and play areas. They wanted to take back their living room, and make it a chic space where adults could hang out, have great conversation, and enjoy some “me time.”

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I added in a lot of built-in cabinetry to hide toys, books, and clutter, to help these clients to keep the space fabulous and clean. I also lightened up the color palette, allowing the natural light to really shine through the living room.

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Dark draperies, muddy colors, and well-used items from the before image above needed to go, especially the tired furniture.

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And the furnishings I brought in have family-friendly fabrics on them, so kids don’t have to see this room as a no-go zone. They can still run through or play in this room without leaving marks and dirt that can’t be cleaned up.

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I also edited down the amount of accessories in the living room, taking out the candles, more traditional elements like the fabric runner, and knick knacks.

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It doesn’t mean they’re gone! There is now a place for everything in the shelves and in storage hidden behind those fabulous doors in the built-ins. When company is coming, it’s easy to hide the clutter quickly to keep the space looking gorgeous.

So what do you think of this before and after? What tricks do you use for grown-up spaces in a home with kids? Let me know in the comments section below!







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5 Responses to Before and After: A Grown Up Space

  1. Marcy says:

    I love this living room. So serene. The built-ins are gorgeous. Clutter is the enemy. You did a beautiful job creating a calm and inviting space for the family.

  2. Gorgeous! I would never want to leave this grown up retreat!

  3. Bethany says:

    The new space is so welcoming and fresh! Would you be willing to share the paint colors?

  4. CONNIE says:

    Tobi I really love the draperies and hardware used in this room, not to mention the color choice. Can you give details on this? send to