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There are times when you have things that you love in your house, but they just need a little update. I love adding embellishments like grosgrain, gimp, and banding to decorative elements in a home to make the space more unique and personalized.

Don’t worry – I’m not talking about heavy tassels and beading! Trimmings don’t have to be fussy unless you want them to be, but I prefer them clean-lined, simple, and edited.

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Whether it’s a lamp, drapery, pillows, or table linens, I’ve got a few ideas that will help you give new life to your accessories! Check it out:

So let’s review those trim solutions:

1. Add trim to the leading edge of drapery panels or on all three sides of a valance or roman shade for some detail and interest.

2. Lampshades are the perfect place for flat trims like grosgrain or gimp. These embellishments give your store-bought lampshades a custom look.

3. The tabletop is a great place to have fun with trim. From your napkins to your placemats to the tablecloth, you can create a more festive style for your linens.

4. Pillows may just be the best place to use trim. You can create geometric details and patterns of your own design, or keep it simpler and just use fringes or tassels on the edges.

See how easy that is? Let me know if you try any of these ideas yourself, or post your trim trick in the comments section below.

Have fun trimming!




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  1. Diane says:

    I so agree, especially with the idea of trim on pillows and lampshades. I have even been known to take a colored sharpie and colored in the banding of a lampshade to add that definition that glued on or sewn on trim would give. Obviously this can only be done in small doses but it works. And contrast welting trim on pillows and furniture is my favorite. Thanks for the ideas.

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