Tobi TV: Mixing Classic Furniture and Modern Art

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One of my favorite things to do as an interior designer is mix classic and modern styles – especially with furniture and art. Modern art keeps any traditional setting from getting too formal or stuffy, and the classic furniture lets the art really play a starring role.

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At the recent High Point Market, I used classic forms to create my new collection of updated upholstery for CR Laine, which mixed perfectly with my new line of modern artwork for Soicher Marin! So how can you mix up this magic in your own home? Let’s take a look at some ideas:

That’s a perfect balance of classic and contemporary! Let’s review those tips again:

1. Contemporary art can jazz up any room, especially when it has a classic look like a Sheraton-style sofa to play a supporting role.

2. If you have a feminine and curvy form on your furniture, like on my Lucy bed, consider using bold modern art like black brushstrokes to add a balancing touch.

3. A camelback sofa is a timeless design form, and when mixed with a watery blue modern print it creates a very dynamic duo.

4. In some cases, you may want the classic look to be the star of the show, like in this Greek bust. So give it a great understudy like these very simple black-and-white characters.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing two distinct design styles – you’ll end up with a look that’s all your own!







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One Response to Tobi TV: Mixing Classic Furniture and Modern Art

  1. Dear Toby,

    Your project is very interesting and especially your “mixing classic furniture and modern art” concept.
    I am a French artist living in Japan and I work with architects and interior designers in Japan. I try to develop this concept here with classic japanese architecture and furnitures. It is sometimes difficult to convince Japanese clients who are still very conservative. I would be pleased to introduce my work and If you have time, have a look! There is the website (see above) for the public spaces and you can also see some of my works on Saatchi or faster if you type my full name on the web. Dominique Lutringer.
    My recent works are made on japanese washi paper. Small and large sizes. Could match very well with your project. The washi paper pieces of art could be enlarged and resized. All pieces are original and 100% japanese hand made. (Washi paper and frame).
    If you have any interest in my work, I would be very pleased to send you some more informations about myself.