New House Diary: Living Through a Renovation

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New House Diary

The renovation on my “new” old house is underway! My (fabulous) contractor began the demo on Tuesday, and I am thrilled that we’re finally getting things done. Moving out wasn’t fun, but because we have so much to remodel in my floor plan, it was a necessity.


As you can see in my sketch above, there is a lot of work to do, so it only made sense to get me and my family out of the way so the work could go faster. But that’s a hard decision for most families. Having put so much money aside to pay for a remodel, it can be difficult to then put another amount aside for a rental. And don’t even get me started on storing everything that won’t fit in your temporary space.

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But it’s also not a great idea to ask your family to walk around with hard hats like I’m doing in the photo above, right?! It really is a personal choice, and it also depends a lot on what exactly you’re having done. Gutting one bathroom, or maybe even your kitchen, is something you might be able to live through by staying in the home. A full remodel just makes that more difficult. If you have a friend or family member with a basement or an extra room or two, you could consider that as an alternative to living with all the dust, grime, and noise that’s going to be a part of a renovation.

Since design is what I do for a living, I may feel like I am practically still living in my home as often as I will visit the job site. But at least my head will lay on a clean pillow every night in our cozy temporary condo, and making my way to the bathroom each morning won’t require me to dodge stray nails and hanging electrical wires. And thank goodness my contractor and I have worked together so many times that he is used to me and all my involvement!

So look for updates as we go – this is going to be a fun few months here in New House Diary! And let me know in the comments below whether you would move out or stay in your home!







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3 Responses to New House Diary: Living Through a Renovation

  1. I envy your choice of moving & having a contactor do the work so it all happens in a timely manner. We are living in our home whilst my hubby renovates & it’s happening at a snails pace. We have building materials & bathroom fixtures stacked all around our house at the moment.
    I cant wait to see your changes take shape.

  2. Diane says:

    Exciting! We remodeled the upstairs baths first and then lived up there while the lower level of our empty nest townhouse was being remodeled. We had no kitchen for 3 months but did have a full bath, privacy etc. But never again! Too much dust and too hard trying to eat out for 3 meals a day so you made the right decision to rent a condo. Thanks for sharing the process and looking forward to following along.

  3. franki says:

    Luv your hat (and enthusiasm!!) franki

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