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So as you may know, I launched my new online learning center last week. It’s called Tobi U and it’s an exciting place to find my best ever content from my 5 years of Business Consulting and over 15 years of being in the trenches of the interior design field.

I am THRILLED to welcome all of you who have already signed up. I am blown away by your response and I cannot wait to hear how the content changes your business and your life. This site has been a dream of mine for years. I have been creating valuable content that I know can help so many other designers and creatives and I didn’t have a way for you to access it in real time or an ability for you to work on it at your own pace or so you could continue to learn and grow when you return home from my signature live events including my most popular live course, Designer MBA. But now, Tobi U does just that!

If you haven’t made the leap to join me for the first semester of Tobi U at the very limited time Early Bird Pricing, now is the time! And if what is holding you back is that you don’t quite know what are you getting for your investment in Tobi U, let me dive a little deeper here and show you step-by-step what to expect.

First, in each semester of Tobi U you will get 8 modules of content. And if you’ve been to one of my classes or talked to someone who has, you know that I give real, honest and straight forward information on how to REALLY take your business and your life higher, no matter what level you are in your business right now. So there will be no shortage of REAL “meat and potatoes” in Tobi U. It isn’t fluff, it’s roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work content.

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 9.56.52 AMIn each module I created a progression that would allow you to get motivated first with a video from me (that is about 10-15 minutes long, on average) and then to dig into the webinar, which is like going back to school except this is information you can only learn through my combination of an accounting and design education, my MBA and my experience being in the trenches of this industry for many years. It’s the stuff they DON’T teach you in school, like how to be profitable!

The webinars are made up of the best-of-the-best of the foundational business content from my classes and courses plus all new cutting-edge ideas on how to reach your goals in the state of our industry right now. They range from about 40 minutes to just over an hour depending on the topic. And whether you want to find the right clients, get published, reach financial freedom, or identify and leveraging your ideal niche strategy, you can find out how plus a whole lot more in Tobi U. My goal for the webinars is to have you operating in your sweet spot, doing your best work and getting paid what you are worth! Does that sound like something that you are looking for?


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Each module also has downloadable PDF worksheets for your HOMEWORK! Yep, that’s right! Tobi U brings you homework. But as I love to say…”This won’t work if you don’t do the work”. And my hope is that these worksheets will help you stay organized and prompt you to write down your wants, challenges and ultimately the solutions for the problems you are facing in reaching your business and personal goals.



And for those moments you feel overwhelmed with this work you are digging into, no matter if the overwhelm comes from deciding what you REALLY want, or is a result of you being pushed WAY out of your comfort zone, I have recorded a short podcast for each module. These podcasts are 3-5 minute bursts of inspiration coming straight from me to you to help you stay motivated and excited and most importantly moving closer to your goals and dreams.
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And though the videos, webinars, PDFs and podcasts would be what you need to take your business to the next level, I also wanted this to be fun. You know what they say about “all work and no play”, right? So Tobi U has some fun built right in with our badge system. You earn badges for completing modules, for completing semesters, for reaching certain benchmarks and even for fun things like interacting with me personally on social media or seeing me at market. You’ll have fun with these badges and if you are even a tiny bit competitive, you’ll find yourself wanting to collect them all! And the best part is if you do, then that means you’ve also done the hard work of Tobi U and your business will surely see the results!

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Here’s a great quote from Maria who has already purchased Tobi U and is digging into the material…

“I finished the first module video and webinar. Now working on my worksheets and can’t wait for the next module. An interesting tidbit; I have heard/read many of the things Tobi teaches in Module 1, but haven’t taken the time to really think through and journal my “Why,” USP, niche, etc.  Tobi has a way of inspiring me and I’m sure hundreds of others to take the time to do these important steps.  I’m so grateful Tobi has offered an easy-to-access, affordable way to “eat up” her knowledge and experience.  I’m hungry for more!!!”

So there you have it…the details of how Tobi U works. It’s fun, it’s informative, and it will change your business and your life. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the limited time early bird special for Semester 1 of $999 while you still can. And don’t wait too long to get Tobi U even at the regular price of $1299, which Tobi U is SO worth. This semester of Tobi U is only available through February and once Tobi U closes you will have to wait months to get access to it again. In those months you could already be on your path to Financial and Time Freedom. Don’t wait to change your life. Don’t wait to build your dream business. Sign up TODAY…6 months from now you will wish you had!

Welcome to Tobi U everyone! I can’t wait to work with you.


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P.S. If you think you want to work more closely with me this year, consider joining my Mastermind Consulting Program. I gave a very exciting call last week about Mastermind and if you missed it, email us at and ask to receive a copy of the recording. And just for the month of January, I am offering Mastermind at more than 25% off PLUS you get 2 special bonuses–a free semester of Tobi U AND my Build Your Dream Business 6-week telecourse. So for a year of full-emersion, no holds barred, head-down work on your business that will help you make higher profits than you ever dreamed, join me for Mastermind + Tobi U. It’s SO much content it’s mind-boggling and your results will be too!



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  1. Gwendolyn says:

    Someone once said “When the student us ready the teacher will appear”. Reading this post is like reading my own mail. I have started a venture in a niche that I feel is under served in the design industry. I am a great designer but lack the business skills to be profitable. I am looking forward to becoming a protégée. Thank you so much for following your bliss!