Which Would You Choose? Interior Door Colors

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Today I want you to weigh in on my interior door colors. I have been dreaming about black interior doors for a while now. So rich and handsome, huh?


But maybe I should keep it simple and white in a  traditional profile to compliment my home’s architecture.


If I were feeling spunky, I could go out on a limb and have fabulous pop of color somewhere.


Or maybe even a colored AND upholstered door or two in just the right place.


Which one would you choose? Leave me a comment and tell me which option you love and why. But I have to say I still fancy those handsome black ones. The first instinct is usually a good one in design.

See you tomorrow for New House Diary when we’ll be talking architectural detailing.


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18 Responses to Which Would You Choose? Interior Door Colors

  1. Reena says:

    Black doors would be a great choice!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Love the black if the doors have the architectural heft to pull it off!

  3. Missy says:

    How funny that I should see this on twitter…..I was just contemplating painting my interior doors black as well! This spring I believe I will painting my 80s oak stair treads and banisters black, (leaving the risers white), and thought it might be a nice time to tie in my interior doors too. I do think I’ll make a little color statement with my pantry door though, and paint it a soft aqua to go in my kitchen.
    So, my vote for your interior doors is black….and maybe one splash of color on a focal door somewhere. 🙂

  4. Cheryl says:

    Black all the way…

  5. Daralynn says:

    Can’t wait to join you on your house transformation journey. I too have been wanting to take the plunge with black interior doors…that gets my vote! Dara

  6. paige ward says:

    Black doors! They hide a multitude of sin. The older doors in my home were nothing special so I did satin to play them down & love them. Maybe do the pop of color on a room door in kitchen or another focal room & def the front door! Itching to know bout the front door!

  7. cammie says:

    i’m sure whatever you go with will be great. in my own home, i painted all the doors, spindles on railings, risers, and (will paint–getting to it) grids/window frames in dragon’s breath by ben moore. it’s a little more of a complex color (dark muddy gray green) than going with straight black–and a little less dramatic i suppose. but my coloring is pretty fair–blue eyed blond–so i tend to go with an off black in these situations. dragon’s breath looks great with all my colors–santa monica blue, horizon, iris bliss (all ben moore). i think black or gray almost black or a blue black (if you have blue on the walls) would be great for you, especially if you have black and white on the entry floor. and i love the idea of uphosltering doors–maybe just one pair that lead to a dining room or something, with the rest of the doors in a dark color. dark color french doors are especially beautiful. looking forward to seeing what you do!

  8. If I had an eccentric house like this one I would choose the blue door, stunning!

  9. I love the black! It’s timeless and so striking.


  10. I like the black too! We’ve recently decorated an amazing Miami Beach Mediterranean home and used an antique vibrantly blue on their main entrance door.

    What do you guys think of this door http://www.houzz.com/photos/8407173/Miami-Beach-Mediterranean-I-mediterranean-entry-miami ?

  11. Paula Grace says:

    White. It’s classic. You’re so great with color you can put it anywhere. Architecture = classic. Pop elsewhere.

  12. Diane Dyhan says:

    Black painted doors will look terrific in your new home. The intense yellow doors really make a statement and I like it! Just wondering if classic navy painted doors would be a nice choice with crisp white trim and gold/brass hardware; very tailored and different. I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  13. Karen T. says:

    Would the color palette of your various rooms, ceiling and/or door height, and whether the doors are architecturally interesting play a part in whether black would be the best color? I love all of your photos and think you have also presented some interesting considerations. I can hardly wait to see what you choose!

  14. Wen Huggs says:

    The black doors are absolutely stunning! They have an intensity that will match the bold colors in your designs.

  15. Black- rich classy
    See Cote de Texas archives her interior doors are black.
    Loving your house!

  16. franki says:

    BLACK & brass!!! It’s back!! franki

  17. Garry says:

    Black is all about elegance! wonderful!