Which Would You Choose…Panel-Front or Glass-Front Refrigerator?

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I’ve always been a fan of glass front refrigerators like this fab one in the kitchen of my friend Kathryn Greeley’s Chestnut Cottage. I aspire to keep my fridge this neat and tidy inside. Maybe a glass front would keep me organized.


But I sure do love this refrigerator in the kitchen by Caitlin Wilson from a recent issue of House Beautiful. I am particularly fond of the panel front french doors, freezer on the bottom and that hardware is to die for!

So which would you choose…glass or panel front refrigerator? Do tell. Leave me a comment below with your preference.

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14 Responses to Which Would You Choose…Panel-Front or Glass-Front Refrigerator?

  1. ABC Dragoo says:

    Go for a panel all the way!! I love the built-in, fade into the cabinetry look.

    Besides, I think we’re going to see people fall away from Stainless Steel (eventually, not too distant future!) and we’ll wonder why it was such a huge trend to begin with.

  2. Ashley Uhl says:

    I think the panel front would be my preference, purely for pragmatic reasons. Although the glass is beautiful, it brings up a lot of impractical points – always keeping the glass spotless, always keeping the organization of food inside perfect, always keeping the look of food perfect (take out containers, tupperware, etc. aren’t very pretty) and getting every family member to keep the condition of the fridge the way I want it. I think if someone is single, or retired, then a glass front would be beautiful and work for them functionally. However, as a busy working mother and wife, I think realistically a glass front fridge would become a regret.

  3. sydney85 says:

    I love the Panel front refrigerator. I would always need to have the inside of a glass front refrigerator look pretty and I am not sure that is possible. I like using glass front doors for my glasses and china but have a black panel front refrigerator that matches my cabinets and makes the kitchen look so much bigger.

  4. Debra says:

    life is short – forgot organizing the frig! Clean lines are better!

  5. Pat says:

    Panel front—why add more stress to your life?

  6. Chery Todd says:

    No question, panel front. You have a child who will eventually be a teenager. Do you really want to see pizza boxes and pop?

  7. Maggi K says:

    Panel – and no fridge magnets please (of course not, Tobi!)

  8. I couldn’t agree more with the other comments. Who needs the stress of worrying about how the inside of the fridge looks daily. Life is way to short.

  9. maurie says:

    I think Kitchens can be visually overwhelming as they are, with all of the surfaces involved.
    Why create more visual noise with a glass front fridge!? I pick the paneled one!

  10. franki says:

    ABC Dragoo…I agree with you!! I had never done “integrated appliances” previously…boy, do I LOVE the look and have received so many compliments on this kitchen!! I do see where the glass front would give the feeling of “space.” A very “neat” organizer…that would be Kathryn! franki

  11. Deb Bruna says:

    If you had a glass front fridge, where would you keep all those condiments that are usually stored so conveniently inside the refrigerator door?

  12. Panels, panels, panels. No doubt about it. Who needs a nagging glass door to be reminded to keep the fridge neat and tidy? Also, it competes for your attention and takes the eye away from the real beauty of the room.

  13. Diane says:

    Love them both and I do have the french door fridge in my home. While I have always loved the look of the glass front doors I do think it looks a little out of place in that traditional, almost farmhouse style kitchen. I like to see it in a more contemporary and sleeker kitchen. Just my humble opinion.

  14. paige ward says:

    Ditto…. no one is that organized seriously