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Today we’re talking COLOR – it’s my signature and what I’m known for! I love using bold hues in my home and in my clients’ homes, but I know some people are nervous about using color.

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So this week on Tobi TV, let’s look at some of my favorite colorful projects and then I’ll give you my best tips for using color with success! Let’s get started:

Those were colorful rooms, right? You can have the same result with color if you follow these tips:

1. Use a neutral background, like in my green living room. Although you see a lot of my signature kelly green in that room, if you look closely you’ll notice that the walls and major pieces are actually neutrals and the color is layered in. I also added some nice blue tones to balance the room.

2. Consider using varying shades of one color to saturate a room, like the many hues of blue I used in my client’s family room. That tone-on-tone approach creates a restful room with a lot of color.

3. Add your favorite punch of color to a room by painting pieces, like chairs or side tables or frames. You can select the perfect color for your room without having to search high and low for an item in that color.

4. Paint the back wall of bookshelves to add an unexpected bit of color, and consider using accessories on those shelves that are all in a single color.

5. Don’t forget about color in the outdoor spaces! You can use bold hues like coral and turquoise to create a sophisticated outdoor room.

I hope these tips will give you the confidence to go bold with color! It’s my favorite way to give a home a lot of personality! Let me know in the comments below how you like to color your world!









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2 Responses to Tobi TV: Using Color with Confidence

  1. franki says:

    COLOR – RULES!! franki

  2. brettVdesign says:

    I’m totally with you on color! Beige rooms bore me to tears. I also love painting the interior of bookshelves — I painted the interior of high-gloss white shelves with a beautiful dove grey and add a black grosgrain ribbon trim on the interior edges of each shelf and it came out beautifully. I definitely want to try out painting the interior a bright accent color the next opportunity I get!