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Today on Tobi TV we’re talking trim. I love adding embellishments like grosgrain, gimp, and banding to decorative elements in a home to make the space more unique and personalized.

And trimmings don’t have to be fussy unless you want them to be. I prefer them clean-lined, simple, and edited.


So take a look at my latest video and see what you think about my ideas for adding trim to your home.

And here are my Tobi’s Top Tricks with Trim  (say that 3 times fast!):

1. Add trim to the leading edge of drapery panels or on all three sides of a valance or roman shade for a bit of detail and interest.

2. Lampshades are the perfect place for flat trims like grosgrain or gimp. These embellishments give your store-bought lampshades a custom look.

3. The tabletop is a great place to have fun with trim. From your napkins to your placemats to the tablecloth, there are many places to add trim to your tabletop to create a more festive soiree.

4. Pillows may just be the best place to use trim. You can create geometric details and patterns of your own design, or keep it simpler and just use fringes or tassels on the edges. Whatever your style, adding trim to your pillows can help you make a statement in your interior.

Now’s the time for you to weigh in. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of this video and how you’ve used decorative trims and embellishments in your interior. And if you love this video, please share it with friends who might find my Tobi TV design tips inspirational and helpful in designing their homes.

Happy Trimming!




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3 Responses to Tobi TV: Tobi’s Tricks with Trim

  1. franki says:

    Trim is my jewelry. I even add trim to my pillow cases, sheets, blankets. Yup, love trim!! franki

  2. Monica says:

    Love trim on window covering so trying it on some lamp shades I have will be great to try out.

  3. Lindsey A. says:

    Curious to know…what’s your favorite trade resource for trim, Tobi?