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Today I’m in New York city for 18 hours, tomorrow I’ll be back on the beautiful beaches of Florida, but last week I was in my home state in lovely northwest Arkansas at the fabulous 21c Museum Hotel having my Mastermind Consulting Group Meeting. We visited the exquisite Crystal Bridges Museum with our group of 35 fabulous women, seeing the largest permanent collection of American Art in our country and the beautiful (albeit temporary) Paley exhibit, an unbelievable private collection including artwork by Matisse, Gauguin, Degas, Picasso and so much more that will soon be permanently installed at  MoMA in New York.


So in honor of both my Mastermind Group and my love of original art, today I am kicking off a fun series of Tobi TV with tips from some of my talented interior design Mastermind members. And today’s featured designer is North Carolinian Kara Cox of Kara Cox Interiors with tips for infusing your space with original artwork. You’ll see art from Kara’s great projects and from some of mine in this fun video. Take a look…

So here’s a recap of Kara’s Top Tips for Using Original Art in Your Home:

1. Buy art when you travel. It’s a fun memento from your trip and many great cities that are ideal vacation spots are also hot spots for art galleries.

2. If you are interested in original art but are afraid of the price tag, consider buying emerging artists’ work. They are often very talented but just haven’t been “discovered” yet, so you can get great buys early in their career.

3. But on that note, original artwork can be affordable. Don’t be afraid to go into any gallery and take a look at the work and the price. There’s no need to be intimidated. You don’t have to be an art expert to visit the gallery and ask questions. That’s what they are there for. And you may be surprised that many beautiful, original pieces are less expensive than you may think.

4. Be confident with your art selections. Mix and match styles of art with your interiors. It’s fun to mix contemporary and abstract art into a traditional interior, or vice versa.

5. Commissioned art can be a great solution to finding the perfect piece for your space. Working with an artist to create an original piece allows you to get the right size and maybe even adjust the colors a bit so they coordinate better with your home.

I hope you loved these tips from Kara Cox. They are definitely some of the art guidelines I use for my clients. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this video and be sure to share it with your art and design loving friends. Plus stay tuned for more tips from other talented members of my Mastermind Consulting Group coming to Tobi TV soon.

Now I’m off to a fun event in NYC and then catching a 6am flight back to Florida. My goal is to be on the beach tomorrow by 10am!  I’ll tell you all about the NYC event really soon.

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4 Responses to Tobi TV: Tips for Adding Original Art to Your Home

  1. Great tips ladies! I am loving the availability of interesting, original art for clients- great to break out of the box!

  2. Great video. All my designs have some kind of original art incorporated into them. I’ve found some wonderful local artists that are amazing and very affordable. It makes a room come alive with color.

  3. Cailyn Harley says:

    Awesome video! I’m not really into interior design, but my work has a relation to design in general. I watched the video and I really learned a lot about original art. Not many web designers consider using a lot of graphics in their website, but I think understanding the essence of art can influence in creating a unique webdesign in Arizona for different kinds of clients. Thank you for sharing this, it has broadened my perspective in designing.

  4. Great video! Kara’s tips are great reminders to look for pieces that really ARE inspiring and affordable.