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Tobi-TV-logo-600x332It’s Christmas week, and if you have kids, you know that you’re about to have a load of new toys that will all need a place to live in your home, right? I love creating playful play areas for my clients with kids! Whether I’m using bright colors, whimsical patterns, or personal touches, we always have fun designing rooms for imagination and play!

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Play areas are really where you can turn things up a notch when it comes to bright and cheerful looks that will spark creativity and activity! So let’s look at my top tips for designing those spaces:

Doesn’t that look like fun?! Let’s recap these tips for designing play spaces:

1. Create zones for play, like one for video games, a table and chairs for board games, a place for snacking, and even areas for reading or relaxing. Use every bit of space in the room to maximize function!

2. Use color and pattern – it creates lots of fun and lots of energy for the most play and creativity!

3. Think about performance fabrics in a playroom. Being able to wipe them clean with little effort will give you peace of mind!

4. Personalize the space with your own children’s art, with photos of them, or perhaps with art created of each one of them, like the fun silhouettes I designed of my client’s children.

I hope you’ll “play around” with these tips, and create a few of your own, for the best and most fun play room for your home! Let’s get creative for the holidays!









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