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How often do you or your client want to design a room around something sentimental whether its grandmother’s china hutch or your wedding china? In today’s Tobi TV segment, we’re talking about how to do just that.


Even interior design pros love using cherished and loved items as a jumping off point for a room. These family heirlooms or collected pieces can be a perfect inspiration for a room’s design. Take a look at this dining room where I used the client’s favorite china to the lead the way for the dining room design…

So here are my Tobi’s Top Tips for Creating a Room Around a Sentimental Object…

1. Be strategic when pulling out the colors and finishes from the inspiration piece that are the best fit for your home or your client’s home. In this instance I chose to highlight the blue instead of pink since the home was a family with 2 young boys and the client wanted a space that was a bit more masculine.

2. I also leaned towards Blue because it is a traditional and timeless color so I used it throughout the space and even throughout the home because it would have longevity.

3. When it came to metal finishes, I took cues from the china’s gold accents and replicated that in the lamp bases and the starburst mirror.

4.  And finally for this young family, I didn’t want the traditional china to lead to a room that was fit for a grandmother just yet, so I included a few simple and clean-lined pieces of furniture so that the room’s result was sophisticated and not Stodgy. It really appeals to all ages.

So what do you think? Can you take this approach to using your favorite heirlooms and collectibles as a jumping off point for your design schemes? Leave me a comment and let me know how you have used or will use these ideas in your projects.

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  1. franki says:

    Nailed it!! Makes such good sense and I, personally, loved the color combos!! franki