Tobi TV: Creating a Neutral Room with a Pop of Color

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Today on Tobi TV,  if you have color fears you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to teach you how to create a neutral foundation and layer in the color a piece at a time.


It’s called creating a neutral room with a POP of color. And you get to decide if your “pop” is big or small. It all depends on how risky you are. Take a look…

So here are my Tobi’s Top Truths about Creating a Neutral Base with a POP:

1. Everything at the core of the room is neutral–walls, curtains, rug and major pieces of upholstery

2.You can layer color into the space in small doses, or even big ones if you prefer.

3. Your room will have longevity because with most of the furnishings being neutral these pieces will stand the test of time.

4. If you have Color Fears this is the design “Do” for you. It allows you to dip your toe into the scary idea of color.

5. A Neutral Room with a Pop is virtually Trend Proof. That’s because only the accents have colors that could be deemed trendy and you can change them out easily if they become dated. Everything else is a classic.

6. And finally a Neutral Room at the base is Budget Friendly because with the major pieces being neutral, they are investment pieces. You can keep them a long time equalling a fantastic return to your bottom line. Then you can change out the accents periodically to stay current. And with only these small additions every few years, you won’t blow your budget.

I hope you like creating a neutral room with a pop of color. It is a design approach that works for everyone! Now leave me a comment and tell me which benefit  of this design technique resonates with you most.

Happy Designing. xo,

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2 Responses to Tobi TV: Creating a Neutral Room with a Pop of Color

  1. Love the post- it’s a design approach I live by…

    Eco Chic Sense

  2. Great message for those afraid of color. I love the idea of longevity with the basics.