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Since we’re talking all things kitchen for my New House Diary this month, it’s the perfect time to consider including a beautiful banquette also known as a built-in seating area or booth.


So in today’s Tobi TV segment, I’m bringing you lots of options for creating a gorgeous and functional banquette in your kitchen or mine. Take a look…

Here are my Tobi’s top tips for beautiful banquettes:

1. Take advantage of a nook or curved window in your kitchen or breakfast room to recess your seating or connect it to the end of your bar or island. It will help you maximize your floor space.

2. Use leather, vinyl or vinyl-coated linens or cottons to cover your banquette so it can be easily wiped clean after meals and spills.

3. Use the space below the banquette as additional storage for linens, serving platters–anything that needs a home in your kitchen. It’s especially handy for things you only need to access occasionally.

So what do you think…do you see a banquette in your future? I love them and if you include one in your home, I think you will too! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think about dining on a beautiful banquette.

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2 Responses to Tobi TV: Beautiful Banquettes

  1. Great segment. I’m doing one for a client know – expect she didn’t want a back, which I think is a mistake. Anyone sitting on the window side will have the ledge in their back. Trimming the upper edge of the base to have an edge, which will hold the upholstered board in place. Cushions will be seemed together…what’s interesting is at the sides of the window, the wall meets at an “L” so about 6 inches of the window wall on each side before it joins up with the kitchen wall. Hoping my upholster will be okay with that jag.

  2. franki says:

    I had one in the “past” and always the kiddos wanted to sit in the back!! franki