Soulful Sunday

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I survived four 8 and 9 year olds for a sleepover, filled myself with a pot of coffee, made it to church with them all only 3 minutes late (shocker, I know!), and then sent them all home full of sugar and very little sleep all before noon. Followed it up with a homemade lunch and tidying up the house  and now my work is done here. 🙂

Thank goodness it’s Sunday. Time for a nap with my girl (while she is still young enough to be willing to nap with me), a bit of yoga and a nice walk in the gorgeous sunshine to fill my soul. Throw in a dose of Downton Abbey and I think  I will be ready to take on the week.

Hope you have a glorious and soulful Sunday too!

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3 Responses to Soulful Sunday

  1. Donna Culpepper says:

    I was wondering if orange is your favorite color? I have noticed orange in your decor lately….

  2. franki says:

    Works perfectly!! franki

  3. Monica says:

    Fun weekend and hope you enjoyed your downtime.