Self-care Saturday: Feeling Good

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Happy Self-care Saturday Friends.

Today is a great day for taking care of Y-O-U! There’s no accident it’s called “practicing” self-care because trust me, you will not be perfect. You will have to keep practicing until you get better and better at putting yourself first and making choices that make you feel your best.


Remember when I said my ONLY intention for this year is TO FEEL GOOD? Well let me be honest, you’re not the only one who struggles in this area. It’s not a straight line of progress for me either. Yesterday I made a decision to eat a sugary dessert and it wasn’t a good decision for me. I didn’t use my litmus test of “Will this make me feel good?” and so today I am feeling the pains–achy joints, headache and more. It is shocking to me the affects I get from sugar the very next day! Sugar is not my friend.


Through my journey to getting healthy over the last 3 years, I have really learned what foods and exercises are right for me. Are you aware of your own body and what makes you feel good? Do you know if eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, or a green smoothie, or pancakes make you feel best in the morning? It takes awareness. You have to pay attention to how certain foods make you feel, how much sleep you need and what kinds and how much exercise your body needs. And it is actually liberating to learn the parts of your very own puzzle for feeling good. Because then you can be in control of your own healthy destiny.


I keep giving up diets, and then when I fall off the wagon and put on a few pounds, I seem to want to go back to a quick fix. But it never works. The only thing I have found to really make me feel my best is healthy eating and healthy exercise. And doing them consistently. So I have learned to embrace the healthy foods I love, not force myself to eat things I don’t like. And I have learned which exercises feel good to me or which ones are fun and those are the ones I choose. No forcing myself to do exercises I dread, I just won’t stick to them. And when I fall off the wagon like I did last night with sugar, I just get back on the next day. No guilt and no procrastinating. It’s back on the wagon I go.


When I notice food making my body feel bad, I can’t help but think of the long-term food affects on my health and aging. When I can eat sugar one day and feel real pain in my joints the next day, I can’t help but think how so many of the things we put in our body are responsible for the diseases we have as a nation–cancer, diabetes, heart disease. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be involved in making my own body sick. Are you feeding disease in your body with the foods you eat? I know I did for years. But it’s never too late to make better choices.


And if you haven’t tried yoga and meditation, today would be a great day to give it a whirl. There are many exercises and activities that I just don’t stick to, but yoga and meditation feel so good, I can’t stay away from them. They feed my body and my soul. They clear my mind, they take away pain in my back and hips and neck, they make me feel strong and in control of my life. And feeling in control is so empowering.


So when it comes to feeling good, I think this is a great rule of thumb…if it’s good for your soul, do that!

Wishing you a happy Saturday full of loving yourself through good food and soul food. You deserve it!

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6 Responses to Self-care Saturday: Feeling Good

  1. Meredith says:

    Great reminder, Tobi….I always need a reminder to NOT be hard on myself, just “matter of fact-ly” say to myself, “that was yesterday, now, do what you need to do today and move on!” I’m curious, would you share what type of yoga practice you do? is it several types or do you stick with one that you prefer?

  2. Tobi says:

    Hi Meredith, sure!

    I do Hot Vinyasa yoga for cardio and stretch. It is tough so great for the mind and body.The room is really hot, so you sweat a lot which I like.

    I also do Yin yoga for long intensive stretching–this is the one that really changed my life and got rid of a lot of back and hip pain. I highly recommend this one. It’s not about burning calories, it’s about stretching hamstrings, opening the hips, stretching the shoulders–really undoing all the damage we do sitting all the time. If I could only do one type it would be this and I would get my cardio in other ways!!

    And I also add in other types like Kundalini yoga which is high energy. It involves a lot of breathe work and I think this is one of the hardest types I’ve tried. But I love a challenge. Then I also do restorative yoga which is like taking a nap it feels so good. It’s great for unwinding at the end of a busy day.

    I know what each type does for my body so I alternate it with other activities like Tennis and walking as needed to be able to “fix” whatever issues I have at the moment. And then there’s yoga glo…and though I know it gets mixed reviews from people based on political views/business practices, I stay focused on what is best for me and my body and ignore the talk so I really love using . This way I can do yoga anytime I want and any style right in my own home. So having access like this to yoga all the time makes my life better!! 🙂

    Hope this helps. And if you are interested in trying meditation…I love using the recordings from Oprah and Deepak, there is a great meditation from Wayne Dyer that is a companion to his book change your thoughts change your life, and Gabrielle Bernstein also has some great meditation downloads.

    Good luck!

  3. Suzi says:

    Well said Tobi… “feeling in control is so empowering.” That is so true. I’ve maintained a lifestyle without refined sugar and white flour for sixteen years because I’m mindful that, ultimately, I am the one who controls what i eat or don’t eat. Thanks for sharing your insights on various types of yoga. You’ve inspired me to try it.

  4. franki says:

    I need a “kick” start!! franki

  5. Lindy says:

    Hey Tobi,
    Great post. I am wondering if you have considered that it’s not the sugar that bothers you but the gluten? I know it’s a big buzz word but it effects so many more of us than people realize. I too am a big believer in how food makes us feel.

  6. Tobi says:

    Thanks Ladies. Suzi, I think you will love some of these types of yoga! Can’t wait to hear.

    Lindy, thanks for your input. I have ruled out gluten as an issue for me through a food cleanse and work with my nutritionist. Thankfully I am not really affected by it in a negative way like many people are, but I am by refined white sugar and by processed foods and starches (mainly white flour) like Suzi mentioned. And though I hate to admit it, wine makes me feel about the same way as flour and sugar. The great news is that I know what makes me feel great! Lots of green smoothies, I eat an avocado a day, lots of blueberries, almond and coconut milk, other fresh veggies and fruits, and lots of lean meats. I definitely have to have protein and eat lots of eggs too. I do eat some dairy but feel better when I limit the amounts. It’s all like a big puzzle, huh? But so glad I know more about myself and what it takes to make me my best! Happy and Healthy 2014 to you all, ladies!