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Win a Pair of My New Favorite Shoes!

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I love fashion, and I like to dress stylishly when I’m working with my clients, especially because it fits my brand of Bright, Bold and Tailored. But as any working woman can tell you, running around all day in heels may look good, but it doesn’t always feel good! So I am constantly on the hunt for fabulous shoes that feel fantastic, too.

Leave it to a smart woman to design the perfect mix of form and function for footwear! Julie Lopez used her background in orthopedic nursing to design a comfort shoe that doesn’t look anything like the old “comfort shoe.” Made in Italy with Julie’s patent-pending “Comfort Technology,” these fashion-forward shoes will keep you running all day – in a good way!


I recently wore this fun snakeskin Layla design while working at a showhouse and they felt fabulous, even after going up and down stairs and standing on my feet all day! I enjoyed them so much that I wanted to share them with YOU: Using the special code TOBI20 at checkout, you can get your own pair of Julie Lopez shoes for 20% off until Aug. 15! Check out all of the amazing designs here.


Even better? I’m going to give away one pair of shoes to a lucky reader on Aug. 15! All you have to do is register by filling out the form to the right of this blog post – and the bonus is that you will get a free download of my Top 10 Ways to Add Style with Color! Register between now and 5pm on Aug. 14 and we will draw a name from all the entries, and will announce the winner here on the blog on Aug. 15. Trust me, you will love how comfortable these fabulous shoes are!

Good luck!




New House Diary: Inspiration Overload

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New House DiaryThere is a time in every design project where the client may second-guess all the work that’s happening – and that is totally normal. In fact, I just had it happen with my own home project. I spent last week at the Hampton Designer Showhouse, where I designed the master bedroom with Duralee, and it was both a fabulous event and … a problem

Why a problem, you ask? Because I became “that client,” the one who says, “maybe I want to tweak that room’s design, or maybe I even want to start all over again!” What put me in that state of mind? Seeing all of the other fabulous rooms at the Showhouse! Designers are no different than anyone else – we can be just as distracted by the latest color, the newest shiny objet, and the paint color we’ve never seen before! But the difference is that we have access to so much amazing product and so many inspiring rooms that it can make designing our own homes a nightmare.

It’s especially hard when some total-home projects can last over a year – you almost forget what you designed for certain rooms and how fabulous the design was! I’m going to try to stick to my guns on my own design, but I did want to show you the rooms that most inspired me at the Hampton Designer Showhouse. I’m not going to throw out my new house’s designs, but I may just have to tweak them a bit!


Phoebe Howard’s lovely bedroom has me thinking about a canopy over my own bed. Aren’t the linens amazing?


I loved this quiet nook in Katie Leede’s bedroom – the color palette is so serene.


I am crazy for the pattern mix in the Mabley Handler room – and the navy is so fresh!


There was so much to be inspired by in the Lillian August room – that ceiling, that light fixture, that bench!


Multiple dining tables would be fun! But it is the wallpaper that really draws me into this room by Mecox Design Services.


No, I won’t be adding a surf-themed room to my house, but I do love the mix of old and new, of rustic and modern!


The acrylic coffee table is fabulous – and I love that Greg McKenzie used a working Knole sofa.


Apple green is so fresh in this amazing kitchen by Gary Ciuffo.

IMG_2882And then there is this gorgeous pool! I may have to steal some ideas from the landscaping.

So what do you think? Are you as inspired by the incredible designs in this house as I am? I may add a detail or two from what I’ve seen, and next week we’ll get back into my own house.

Until then!



Tobi TV: Time-Saving Design Tips for Busy Professionals

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Tobi-TV-logo-600x332As part of my new Tobi TV series of tips from my talented group of Mastermind members, I recently asked Rachel Cannon Lewis of Rachel Cannon Lewis Interiors to give me a few great ideas for working families.


Rachel helps professionals simplify their lives at home through functional design and organization. Her designs are not only chic and gorgeous, but they really do help people streamline their lives! Let’s take a look at her terrific tips:

Here’s a recap of Rachel’s Time-Saving Tips to keep your home running like clockwork:

1. Have a central hub. Build in lockers or storage cubbies, as well as a charging station. That way kids can store their backpacks and devices, making them super-easy to find during the morning rush to school. This also works great for those professionals without kids – you can store your wallet, keys, and bags, and grab them on your way out the door again!

2. Find a very reliable handyman. You don’t have time (and maybe not the expertise) for all of those things that need to be done around the house! So find a trustworthy and reliable handyman and put him on speed dial.

3. Keep your linens organized. Most linen closets are usually a mess and it can drive you crazy (and waste precious time) looking for each piece of a sheet set. So instead, fold your sheets and then store them inside one of the pillow cases, with the other case folded inside, too! Great tip!

I hope you loved these tips from Rachel Cannon Lewis! They are definitely time-savers that I will recommend to my clients. Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this video and be sure to share it with your busy friends. Plus stay tuned for more tips from other talented members of my Mastermind Consulting Group coming to Tobi TV soon!





Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse

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Tomorrow night is the grand opening of the Hampton Designer Showhouse, sponsored by Traditional Home. I have had a wonderful time planning and designing the master bedroom and the deck for the house, sponsored by Duralee, and I can’t wait for the big reveal tomorrow.

In fact, I’m going to give all of you a sneak peek right now! As you can see below, I used grays and bright orange to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of the room. And I continued the orange color scheme onto the deck, with help from Mecox and Ballard Design. Big thanks of course to my fabric and furnishings sponsor Duralee, and also to Lexington Home Brands for the stunning chest, Currey & Company for the lamps, Phillip Jeffries for the wallpaper, Merida Studio for the huge rug, Farrow & Ball for the Mole’s Breath paint color on the cabinetry and shelves, and Robin Rice Gallery for art.

Enjoy this early look and let me know what you think! I’m also going to share photos of the other STUNNING rooms that my friends and colleagues have designed for the showhouse on Instagram, so check those out!

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Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.28.00 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 3.35.15 PM

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Mastermind Spotlight: Karen Davis

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karen davis headshotToday I am thrilled to introduce you to one of my fabulous Mastermind Members and her gorgeous and fun new website!

After seven years in the business, Karen Davis knew she didn’t want to be “just another interior decorator” and decided it was time to rebrand her business based on her passions and a strong sense of her authentic self. The result is the recently launched Marker Girl, her Houston-area design firm dedicated to creating the “Happy Family Home.”

The name comes from an incident any mother can understand: One day when her daughter was just 2 years old, Karen’s “mommy feeling” kicked in. “When I walked into our family room, I found her doing some decorating of her own with a black Sharpie—on herself and on my ottoman!” Karen laughs: “After that, I made the decision that I should decorate around my family’s lifestyle and work with my clients the same way. I also discovered what a ‘Happy Home’ is about—focusing on time spent together in spaces that are comfortable and make you happy.”

Karen joined my Mastermind program when it began three years ago, and she says that “working with Tobi helped give me the confidence to refocus my business.”

“My biggest takeaway from the program is to be proud of who I am and what I stand for with my brand. Tobi has shown me how to create a more successful business around that brand,” Karen says. “Honestly, if it weren’t for her, there would be no Marker Girl. Tobi was the one who really believed in me when I didn’t believe I could do this myself.”

With her company’s new brand identity in place and her vision more tightly focused, Karen is working to spread the word about Marker Girl and build multiple revenue streams.

Karen says, “I look forward to sharing all that I am doing and learning and connecting with more moms-on-the-go like me who are always looking for ways to improve their life, family and home.”

As a mom myself, I especially love all Karen’s busy mom tips, because this busy, working mom needs all the help I can get!! And something you may not know about me is that I am a Marker Girl too. I wrote on everything as a child including my grandmother’s turquoise ultra-suede chair. Oops!

So if you’re a Marker Girl yourself, or you want family-friendly tips for mom’s on the go, head over and check out the Marker Girl site. And to tide you over until you get there, here are just a couple of Karen’s gorgeous,kid-friendly spaces.

karen davis 1aMarkerGirlHomeLiving


Happy Humpday to all you Marker Girls and Boys out there! xo,

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