Winging my Way to Dallas!

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Illustration: Jen Troyer,

Well, Hello lovely readers!

As I write this, I am on a plane to Dallas. That’s right! My first official trip since we announced our new office there this week. But I have to admit, I have another great reason for trekking down to the Big D today: OPRAH!

Oh yeah, baby! I am going to see my all-time favorite celebrity and amazing spiritual power woman.  I will be in the live audience of a double-header Life Class recording with Oprah and the Reverend T.D. Jakes today and I hear there may be other surprise guests. Eek!

And this is on the heels of my trip to Chicago earlier this week to see another favorite spiritual guru of mine, Mastin Kipp, author of The Daily Love. I am seriously pinching myself that I am seeing two of my favorite mentors all in one week.

Coincidentally, Oprah is replaying her Super Soul Series featuring Mastin and his buddies Gabrielle Berstein and Marie Forleo this Sunday. So if you don’t know Mastin, allow Oprah to introduce you this weekend. I’ll be bringing you details of my time with Mastin (and 100 others in Chicago) in a few days. And of course, I will fill you in on my Oprah experience too.

Illustration: Jen Troyer,

All this excitement (a new Dallas office, Yoga with Mastin Kipp, and the Soul Series with Oprah) in one week just has me feeling uber-grateful and generous.  And as Mastin would teach, I want to share the LOVE with each of you.

So I am pulling out ALL the stops on some AMAZING deals on my upcoming Fall line-up of camps and courses.  I am getting so crazy with our pricing that my staff will definitely think I have lost my mind, that is…until they remember that I’ve been hanging this week with some of the most generous and loving humans on earth. I mean remember when Oprah gave everyone a car for goodness sakes?

So I am not quite giving you a car, but if you have been thinking of coming to Arkansas for a signature Tobi Fairley event, NOW is definitely the time to take the leap! Let me tell you why…

Illustration: Jen Troyer,

For a limited time and a limited number of seats (10 per camp), I am offering crazy-good pricing and something I have NEVER done before—a payment plan! Here’s the deal: For the first 10 of you to register for each camp, you get to bring a friend for only $500!! This deal is available for any of my Little Rock events in 2013, even my MBA camp which is our most popular event!

So jump right on over to my Camp Tobi Fairley blog and read all the details and be one of the first to sign up while space lasts.  Here’s what our Fall and Winter offerings look like…

Design A-to-Z, Oct. 8-10 – Located in Little Rock, this three-day class will rev up your design engine, offering tips and tools to restart your creativity, help you find the “wow” factor in your projects, and give you inspiration to kick into high gear. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Designer MBA, Nov. 12-14 – One of the most popular programs in Tobi Fairley’s schedule, this is a business education for design professionals. From what to charge and how, to working with clients, to successful marketing, Tobi will give you business strategies to help you streamline your processes and sell your services. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Getting Published, Dec. 3-4 – This incredible event sold out in days when it was announced in May, so Tobi Fairley is offering it again. Sign up to hear from top editors in print and online media, as well as book publishers, as they give you the tricks and tips you need to get published now. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Social Media Strategy*, Dec. 5 – Add this event on to Getting Published, or attend just this one-day event. Either way, you’ll learn from social media experts how to use the best social media platforms to market yourself to clients, how to gain more followers, and how to get attention from the press. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

*PLEASE NOTE: This special offer only applies to Getting Published and Social Media Strategy when purchased as a combo.

And if you want to take advantage of a TRULY mind-blowing offer, you can buy a Season Pass to Camp Tobi Fairley and come to all 4 of our fantastic signature Fall events but I’ll give you a ticket to Design A-to-Z absolutely FREE (a $2400 value) and we will let you pay in 3 installments! You can learn more about this all ALL of these great deals over on the Camp Tobi Fairley blog by CLICKING HERE.

NOW do you see I wasn’t kidding about wanting to share the LOVE? And nothing makes me happier than giving things away. One day maybe I will be like Oprah (You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!).  I mean…a girl can dream, right?


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