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Well Friends, it’s almost Christmas and I’m afraid I may be on the naughty blogger list (yikes) because 2013 wasn’t my gold medal year for blogging. I was just knee-deep in SO many exciting projects and developments that you will get to be a part of in the coming weeks and months that there was little time to meet you here. But I know when you see what I’ve been up to you will totally give me a “get out of jail free” card.

For now, I wanted you to know I so appreciate all of you who have emailed and left comments wanting more design and more life lessons. I heard you loud and clear and I promise I am dying to bring it to you. I am going to start fresh after Christmas and through 2014 with more Tobi design and more of the Tobi journey for you here. I have so much to tell you about. So join me, won’t you?

I am really looking forward to making you a bigger part of my life through this little blog next year. I’ve missed you too!

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p.s. You can find those adorable journals here.


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  1. franki says:

    You MOST DEFINITELY are NOT on the naughty list…or…some of us are in big trouble! The sleigh awaits… franki

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