Self Care Saturday:Listen to Your Body not Your Mind

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Well it’s my favorite day of the week…Self Care Saturday!

Today I want to talk to you a little more about the 100% rule and how it applies to health and self care. I think it is worth noting that many of you are perfectionist. Like a lack of confidence, perfectionism is at an all-time high in our society. So much so that it cripples many people from living a life of their dreams. Or even attempting to reach them! And something like my post on 99% is a bitch 100% is a breeze could really make things harder rather than easier on all you perfectionists out there. It could be the thing that sets you up for failure. And that is definitely not what I want for you.

So with that in mind, here is a little perspective for you from the great Dr. Wayne Dyer that just might combat your perfectionist ways. He always says “Don’t Believe Everything You Think!” And boy is this ever true. Your mind will tell you all sorts of un-truths and half-truths based on your perfectionism or insecurities or any number of other reasons that will result in failed resolutions and goals time after time. That “little voice” may just be the reason that 92% of people have failed resolutions within 4 months into the year, the majority of those falling off their resolutions wagon just a few weeks after starting them.

Combatting this “little voice in your head” is really where the 100% rule comes in to help if you know what the 100% rule really means. It’s about being aware that if your mind tells you that you deserve to sleep in “because it’s Saturday” maybe you should remember not to believe everything you think.

Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t take a day off. You totally should. Maybe even a few, that depends on you and your goals. But allowing yourself to make up the rules as you go will cause you to take MANY days off depending on how you “feel” that day. This is treading on dangerous ground if it is important to you to reach your goals. This deciding on the fly practice can be a major source of self-sabatoge and may result in an unhealthy or unhappy lifestyle or both. It’s a death-wish for resolutions and dreams.

Here’s a better idea, decide ahead of time when you are NOT tired or “in the moment”, what your goals are and how often you will take a day off whether you are talking about exercise, what time you get up, work or self care–this applies to all parts of your life really. For me, some of the rules include doing cardio 6 days a week, resting 1 day a week; getting up at 5 am on weekdays, sleeping later on weekends. You see it all depends on what you are trying to achieve. You could pick 4 days “on” for exercise, 3 days off–it’s really up to you. Just whatever you decide, the key is to follow the 100% rule every single week. No exceptions. Period.

Now here’s some insight on the 100% rule for those of you who are perfectionists. Following your “rule” 100% of the time does NOT mean you are at 100% effort every single time. Consistency is key, not extreme effort every time. If you want to avoid burnout or injury you must listen to your body. And your body won’t be the same every single day.

Some days I run for 45 minutes, some days I run and walk for 45 minutes and other days I just walk for 45 minutes. I listen to my body. I know when I am tired and I know when I have loads of energy and I allow myself to take cues. But what I don’t allow myself to do is not exercise unless it’s my day off. I also don’t let myself just do 20 minutes or 30. My rule is 45 minutes. No exceptions. Not perfection but persistence is the rule.

This way of thinking has REALLY changed my life. It has been the thing that has finally helped me kick my weight problem and get healthy. It has been the thing that has helped me get my finances in order and become more profitable than my business has ever been because in 2012 I had meetings with my accountant EVERY SINGLE WEEK with no exceptions. It has been the thing that has helped me finally start practicing self care to reduce my stress level and increase my happiness because I have a “Tobi Day” every single Friday with no work, a weekly massage, and lots of downtime that day. And the best part about this way of life is that because I have planned for it, there is no guilt involved. There is no little voice saying “you should be doing (dishes, work, parenting etc.) instead”. My mind is already wrapped around the fact that I deserve a Tobi Day and if I don’t stick with it I won’t be at my best. So there are NO  EXCUSES for not making it happen 100% of the time.

You see it’s not about being 100% effort, 100% of the time. It is just about being 100% consistent with whatever you decide you are going to do 100% of the time. And within that plan, you just bring the best you have to give that day by listening to your body and not that little voice in your head. It DOES work I can attest. And it WILL work for you.

So today I’m wishing you the willpower to be 100% consistent in life especially with self-care. And if you prefer Self care Tuesday instead of Saturday, then so be it. You get to decide. Just plan it and stick with it! And once you start seeing the results, your body AND your mind will start to thank you!!

Happy Saturday! xo,

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One Response to Self Care Saturday:Listen to Your Body not Your Mind

  1. Meredith says:

    so needed this post- getting very bogged down in the trenches of exercise and not doing myself any good-going to take this and put it on the wall and make the 45 minutes be the goal…100% and going to stop beating myself up!! thank you so much for your words of wisdom today!!