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Happy Saturday Everyone!

Today is that one day of the week that you should relax and enjoy yourself. It’s self-care Saturday! I spent this morning having coffee with gorgeous views of the Little Red River and walking with my pup in the sunshine on an unseasonably cool July morning enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. For me, this is the epitome of self-care and self-love.


As so many of my favorite gurus teach, if you don’t love yourself, how can you ever love anyone else? And to take that a step further, part of loving ourselves involves making sure we allow ourselves to live our passion.


So just this morning while reading Marianne Williamson‘s A Return to love, I had an epiphany about my passion being my gift to the world and it brought me full circle to today’s blog post about my 5th resolution recap for 2013.

Back in January, my final resolution for this year said this…”I want to will give back to others in a way that inspires them and inspires me too. I have been so very blessed by many in my life. And it’s time to Pay it Forward. I will incorporate a component of giving back into my daily life and my work life. It’s my responsibility and my inspiration. It fills my soul and the souls of others. Inspired Giving.”


And my intention was to give my time and money to help those less fortunate than me through my church, charity organizations and other sources. I planned to take time away from work to make this happen. I have done that and have big plans to do more by year’s end. But what Marianne helped me see this morning in her book was this–“The key to a successful career is realizing that it’s not separate from the rest of your life, but is rather an extension of your most basic self. And your most basic self is love….People don’t normally associate business with kindness, because business has come to be regarded as simply a tool for making money. Miracle-workers are not in business only to make money; they’re in business to inject love into the world”

And she goes on to say that if you “stop blessing the universe (with your gift), the universe will stop blessing you. Whatever your activity, just ask that it be used to bless the world.”


So what am I saying? I am saying that maybe the giving back that I am supposed to do is my life’s work and my passion. Maybe MY giving back isn’t separate from my work, but rather IS my work. And that instead of trying to find ways to “give back” outside of and separate from what I do, maybe the way to really accomplish inspired giving, is by doing what I do best. WOW!



So for the rest of this year, I will focus on using my design and consulting talents, my blog, and my other business ventures in a way that really helps to change the world. I can hardly wait to get started. And speaking of self-care, nothing feels more loving to my soul than knowing that my talents and my passion can be used to give back more than I ever have before!

How about you…can you imagine how doing what fills your cup the most could be the very biggest and best way you could give back to the world? Leave a comment below and tell me how you will use your gifts and talentes to love yourself and others.


Let’s start today changing the world together! Happy Self-care Saturday.


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3 Responses to Self-care Saturday: Inspired Giving

  1. Nana says:

    The last saying in this post ( “The ones who are crazy….) gave me the power for today, tomorrow and next days. Thank you a lot, Tobi 🙂

  2. Franki Parde says:

    I do the best I can with what I have…and I’m told I “listen” well…franki

  3. Giving is one of my core values- interesting how u put it! Now to figure out how to give with my talents! Xoxo!