Self-Care Saturday: Clarity

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Happy Self-Care Saturday, everyone! Today, we are talking: CLARITY! (Enjoy these images of fabulous mirrors; I thought it was appropriate, given the topic! All images are linked.)

It seems to me that in order to make good choices (from the smallest to the most consequential), there’s a part of ourselves–a very deep-down part–of which we must be very aware.

This is a big challenge that puzzles me and is a MAJOR part of my personal growth.

It’s so EASY for my more superficial emotions (especially all of the ones that are driven by FEAR) to drown out what may be going on at my core: my truest hopes, loves, doubts.

And to quiet that surface chatter and access that deeper truth feels to me like the path to clarity, both about myself AND about what I observe in the world around me.

When my personal chaos is foremost in my mind, it becomes a lens through with I see everything and it has a way of skewing the whole view.

This is an easy idea to consider and a pretty easy concept to agree with, but the truly difficult task comes with tackling the question of HOW to clear away the distortions and see clearly and relate to others in a very open and authentic way.

Tobi has promoted meditation for this, and that’s a practice I would strongly consider cultivating in my own life. Right now, running is giving me a taste of this peace on a regular basis.

What are YOUR strategies for finding clarity? Exercise? Meditation? Journaling?

Much love to you this weekend!


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2 Responses to Self-Care Saturday: Clarity

  1. Kim Hoegger says:

    I too find that clarity is the path that leads to succes but agree its sometimes difficult to quiet the ego’s chatter. I have started doing yoga and would love to try meditation. Great post Ashley!

  2. Great post!! Love the mirrors too:) Clarity comes when I walk the dog or I sit on the docks and stare at the water.

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