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Hello, again! It’s Ashley, here, and I’m bringing you Tobi’s reflections on the importance of vacations in our lives. And, today, we’re talking about creativity and how it really hinges on relaxation.

What this concept instantly calls to mind, for me, is the fact that every single time Tobi goes to her massage appointment with her health coach and trainer, Julianne (of whom she has spoken SO highly here on the blog), she comes back with a brand new list of priorities!

We joke about it, but what’s fundamentally different about what comes to her on the massage table is that these are her BIG ideas, the exciting and innovative ideas that have now become her vision for her business.

It just goes to show that, as Arianna Huffington and Peter Diamandis have pointed out, relaxation and time outside of your stress zone are KEY sources of fuel for your creativity.

And if–as an entrepreneur, a creative, a parent, or ANY role–you always stay in the stress zone, then you’re not able to fully access the part of your mind that brings you creative ideas or solutions.

So when you take time away for R&R, you tap into peace and openness that lets the really good stuff in. Admittedly, most of us can’t stay in that kind of creative, receptive state all the time. Life happens. We have to buy groceries. We have to keep track of our schedules and our families’ schedules. We have to pay the bills.

Tobi knows that. Life happens to her, too. All the time. And she has often said that the more success she sees in her business, the more crazy and harried her daily life becomes. And she wants to keep that success, so she just has to find a way to accept it as her normal–to actually enjoy it by staying in the present as much as possible–but find time to recharge her creativity through relaxation.

And, she says, if you’ll notice, the most high-powered businesspeople are not trying to get rid of stress. Stress is part of their lives because they are charging full-speed toward their goals every day. BUT! These are also the people who take a full month off each year OR who take one week off each month OR who take a one-year sabbatical every five years.

Here’s the key: they plan these recharge times into their very busy schedules, before all of the rest of life and work goes on the calendar. And then they protect them. Even if for right now you’re only able to take one vacation each year; protect it, plan for it, and envision building more relaxation time into your schedule in years to come. And don’t forget little self-care “vacations” too, like a weekly massage or daily meditation or whatever little one-hour mental and emotional free-time you’re into.

This understanding of where our creativity comes from is also changing the way Tobi designs and even changing her designs themselves! Her design inspiration these days is all about creating homes that are gorgeous, yes, but not for gorgeousness’ sake. She is envisioning fabulous interiors that create a supportive and nurturing environment for people to relax and to develop the disciplines of self-care: building those daily “vacations” into their lives.

Is your “big” vacation (or vacations!) on your calendar already? Have you planned the little recharge moments throughout your weeks and months that are going to keep your creativity and inspiration flowing?

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p.s. If you enjoyed the inspirational photos of relaxation destinations in this post, check out more of them on Tobi’s “Destinations” pinboard on Pinterest. Just click here! And for even more relaxation inspiration, see her “Zen” pinboard too!

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3 Responses to Relax to Recharge Your Creativity

  1. Franki Parde says:

    Breathe in….Breathe out….aaahhhh! franki

  2. kim hoegger says:

    This is a beautiful post Ashley, I feel better already 🙂 I am so happy to be a a part of a group that shares in this philosophy. Recharging my batteries is crucial to my success and daily routine and learning how to take the time to charge has been instrumental in my success this past year. Thank you TEAM TOBI!!! XOXO

  3. love the reminder about successful people’s planned sabbaticals 🙂