My Non-Goals with a pinch of Discipline and a dash of Inspiration

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Another of my favorite New Year’s Traditions here on the blog is the writing of my Non-Goals. Non-Goals are “moments, habits, and choices” where I was great in the previous year and I want to uphold for the coming year! So before 2013 “Rocks our World”, let’s do a little Horn Tooting ourselves, ok?

Aren’t Non-Goals cool? They’re like thinking about all the stuff you DON’T have to resolve to do this year because you already do it. And do it well!! So let’s CELEBRATE!

I discovered this idea a couple of years ago.  And then last year for my Non-Goals, I decided to spice it up a bit and write my Non-goals based on my Strengths from the book Strength Finders 2.0. But every year, my Non-Goals are a reflection of all the gifts, blessings, and abilities I already hold right there, in the palm of my HANDS.

Well this year, you probably won’t be surprised that I am going to write my Non-Goals around my “Word of the Year”. But you may say…”Wait Tobi, you said you didn’t have a word of the year in 2012″. And you are right I said that…but I was wrong. Because after looking back on this post from last year, I realized that although I didn’t call it a word of the year last year, I definitely had one and it was DISCIPLINE. And I practiced it every single month and every single day in many ways I am happy to say.

So here are my Non-Goals for this year. There are 10 of these little GEMS, 5 with last year’s word of the year Discipline, and to set my intentions in place for 2013, 5 more using this year’s word of the year, Inspired, because there are luckily many things I already do that are inspired and I want to keep on doing them this year. Here we go…

1. Tobi when it comes to your health, you’ve got this one girlie! You have been super consistent for more than a year at working out and eating right, meeting twice a month with your health coach, and you NEVER miss using your lose it app. And guess what? It’s all paying off BIG TIME with those 38 pounds you’ve lost, feeling 10 years younger, better sleep and increased stamina. Keep up the discipline and you’ll add years to your life for living inspired! Your feet were made for walking healthy, on the treadmill and in life, so let’s GO!

2. Well Miss Accounting Major, You may be a creative in disguise but you are a bulldog when it comes to your discipline towards your finances. Meeting with your accountant, bookkeeper and finance team 50 out of 52 weeks last year is why you’ve got a hefty cash reserve this year instead of credit card debt and bills to pay. You keep up this kind of disciplined business practices and you’ll be living your dreams in style all of 2013 and beyond! You can more than see the light at the end of your financial hurdles, you are the LIGHT!

3. Who says you’re not a morning person? 2012 was your year to go to bed early, catch up on sleep, and get up with before the ROOSTER crows. Your discipline for getting up at 5 am for bible study, social media marketing, a run on the treadmill, a hug from your new puppy, and a few delicious cups of coffee have changed your life for the better. They say those who are most successful get up early and do a day’s work before others even get out of bed, and you have definitely put yourself in this category and the success has followed…keep it up!

4. Tobi, you can’t get to where you are today by luck or even accident! No, it’s the discipline of constant reading and studying the latest and greatest tools, tips, and techniques in business, design, self-help and life that keep you ahead of the curve and reaching your business and personal dreams. Keep reading more than anyone you know and your business and life will continue to thrive! Now get off this computer and to those 30 books sitting on your Kindle for iPad as we speak.  They aren’t going to READ themselves. 🙂

5. There is not a procrastinating bone in your new healthy body, my dear! If you hear it, understand it and believe it–You Do It!!! Reaching for the STARS is your motto and your habit. Never stop taking focused and inspired action and there will be no stopping YOU! Your dreams are totally in your control and shaping your own destiny is a certainty with this kind of disciplined action. You Go Girl!!

6. Inspiration is your middle name when it comes to your way of life. You make everything so special at home for your family. The house and decor is just “So”, and your meals are nurturing while gorgeously presented even when there is no special occasion. Your mama taught you two important things about living an inspired life…”If you are going to do it, then do it with STYLE” and “Life’s too short not to use the good china!” And you’ve never been one to disobey your mama, right? Keep taking the time to make life special in these ways, as your daughter will grow up to appreciate living a well-lived life and that will be one of the greatest gifts you will ever give her.

7. Speaking of GIFTS…You love to give. It’s what keeps you inspired each day and when you give, whether of your money, your time, your knowledge or your talents like design or cooking a delicious meal, you put your whole self–heart and soul–right into the gift! Inspired Giving! Never stop this selfless way of nurturing others with every thread of your being. It’s why life is worth living and even if it goes un-noticed by the recipient, it’s still worth it!  It makes you a better person from the inside out and isn’t that what you’re giving for?

8. You are an organizing queen, my friend. And nothing is safe in your house when you start cleaning out and giving away!! Your kid and hubby better batten down the hatches when you get inspired to ORGANIZE! But the best part about this trait in you is the How. You want to be inspired in all that you do, even the little stuff you do each day like brushing your teeth or having a cup of Jo, so you not only make things perfectly placed and paired down, but perfectly pretty too! This gesture may be lost on your family sometimes, but it’s not lost on you. Keep up this method of self-care. It makes your life simplified, peaceful, and beautiful all at the same time. And saves lots of time too since you know right where everything is. And as you would say…”Time is Money”! Spoken like a true organized entrepreneur.

9. You have really found your purpose in blogging this year. No more blogging for blogging sake is your motto. Your words are coming straight from the HEART or not at all! If it’s not inspired or inspiring to you, then it just doesn’t make the cut. This is your blog, as you well know, and you can write about whatever you want. But what has become so inspiring is when you write about what you feel. And as evidenced by the many emails from those you have touched by sharing your story, you are definitely on to something. So keep up the authentic and inspired version of Tobi’s Blog. Some people may not like it but as you always say…”What other people think of me is none of my business” and I frankly, am loving it!

10. You have become a pro at practicing inspired “Tobi Time”…yes, taking care of YOU! It’s like a “Tobi PARTY” every single week. That’s right! You are committed to Inspired Self-care no matter what. You no longer cancel your weekly massages for a work obligation. You never miss your bi-weekly mani-pedis and monthly facials because of what you “should” be doing instead. And yoga and meditation have become a regular part of your life. Fridays are your sacred “Tobi Day”…no work at home or the office. Just time to take care of Tobi and nothing more! Some may think you are indulgent, but I think you are brilliant! It has paid off one hundred fold in your physical health, your mental health, your peaceful demeanor and your quality of life. And your staff and family like you much more now that you are nice and calm. Plus you like yourself better too. Don’t ever let anyone or anything stop you from putting yourself first. Remember that if you don’t take care of YOU, how can you take care of everyone else!


So there you have them, my 10 Non-Goals for 2013. And WOW! Did writing them ever feel GREAT! Promise me you will do this for yourself. And I know, I know. You may feel weird or silly or scared to do this. But trust me, it is the first step in really believing in yourself and your worth. And until you REALLY believe that you deserve the best in life and can tell yourself how great you are, then you will NEVER reach your goals and dreams. So go on and throw a Non-Goals SOIREE for little Ole You, Today! It may just be the most important work you do all year.

Need some help getting the Confidence to write your Non-goals? Then go back to my Confidence post from last Saturday and remind yourself all the reasons that you MUST love YOU enough to go after what you really want! And remember, I love you too and I’m rooting for your success in 2013.


P.S. We are getting into the thick of the resolutions, goals and dreams beginning tomorrow here on the blog. So be sure to meet me back for those exciting next steps towards success in 2013!

P.P.S. Inspired by all the hand-made beauty in my photos today? You can find them on my DIY Board on Pinterest. Wow, are there some seriously inspiring crafters out there or what?!?!

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10 Responses to My Non-Goals with a pinch of Discipline and a dash of Inspiration

  1. Kelly says:

    Love this Tobi. Although you do not even know me, I have learned so much from you in 2012 and you have given me inspiration, focus and dreams of success in my love of design and color. I thank you for that! Happy, 2013 to you and yours! xo

  2. Franki Parde says:

    Because you can!! franki

  3. You have done all of those things, Tobi!! Keep it up (because you are an inspiration to me!) and because I might just become an early bird, too:-) xo, K

  4. You have become an inspiration machine Girlfriend!

  5. sarah k says:

    Thanks for this…I needed this today!

  6. Vanessa Rider says:

    Wow. You are just Wow! I love this post,(along with all your other inspiring ones). I am in the throes of de-throning my inner critic, and I appreciate seeing what positive self-talk looks like. It can be pretty foreign to some of us! 2012 has been my year of becoming authentic, and as scary as it has been, it has come with a lot of freedom. I accept the challenge to work on my “non-goals.” Thanks for paving the way!

  7. Another Good Post Tobi!

  8. Love the discipline quote. I’ve had it hanging at my desk for a year. Don’t remember where I found it, but I printed it out then. It’s nice to see it shared. Thanks.

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  10. Jen says:

    I really loved this post. Love the focus on discipline. It’s my weakest attribute, I believe. Something I could use more of, for sure!