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Hello, everyone!

Working on last week’s P. Allen Smith TV segments has me feeling inspired about everything from what makes a design personal to entertaining with style! In fact, working with people to create home spaces that inspire them and support their lifestyles really energizes me, and one way I do that is through my on-site intensive trainings.

Let’s say you’re an interior designer who is feeling drained by client demands or depleted of fresh ideas or approaches…

Or maybe you’re a homeowner who has a real gift for making your own home feel warm and inviting, but you want to take that design “sense” to a new level and start thinking outside the box about decorating your house…

Then again maybe you are a person who friends and family always seem to be asking for advice on how they should arrange furniture or what fabric they should choose for their drapes, and you want to know what a professional approach to interior design looks like to see if your gift is something you could cultivate into passion-driven career.

Pinned from lesliemyrick.com If any of these scenarios sounds like YOU, then you should really join me on October 8th through 10th for Design A to Z! In this hands-on training, I give you full access to my expertise on every step of designing a room, from furniture floor plans to creating a color palette to layering fabric patterns and choosing accessories that make your room design authentic and personal!

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For these three information-packed days, we do nothing but design and have nothing but inspirational FUN! I just love being in a room with fellow design lovers who are eager to absorb and share information, and I know you will too!

I’ll bring you more details about this one-of-a-kind session of Design A-to-Z in the coming weeks, including the names of our fabulous special guests!! But if you want to reserve your space in Design A-to-Z NOW, before it’s sold out, CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!


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p.s. I just love these quotes from interior design GREATS throughout history!! I hope you do, too. Absorbing this kind of wisdom from designers who came before me has been essential to the development of my design perspective! For more design inspiration, visit my Pinterest boards!

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