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Hello everyone in Tobi world! It’s Landon Shockey from The Gilded Stag doing a bit of blogsitting today. Tobi has flown the coop for Berlin and I’m keeping the nest warm in her absence.

I was given free rein to blog about whatever I wanted. I thought this to be a wonderful opportunity to promote my brand to Tobi’s audience. But most importantly, I think I should share with you how I got there.


For those of you who don’t know, I spent two years working at Tobi Fairley Interior Design as one of her designers. I left last year to blaze my own trail. It was a daunting proposition but I totally BELIEVED I could do it!

Why you ask? You could say I spent two very busy, productive, challenging and inspiring years getting Tobi’s “Designer MBA.” The things I learned working for her were life changing. I always considered myself a great designer. I just didn’t have the tools or the know-how to translate that into a brand.


It’s not all about great design, you see. Great design is super important – but you need the tools to let the world know who you are. You’ve got to brand yourself and have a clearly defined path taking you from where you are to where you are going.


That “clearly defined path” is not a straight line, by the way. Every day throws you a new curve and you have to adapt. You’re still headed towards your destination, your path is just a little more “scenic” as you make your way there. Keep marching on!

Starting your business, building your business and getting to where you want to be is not an overnight proposition. You have to be persistent and know that there are going to be AMAZING days and REALLY BAD days. REALLY REALLY BAD days. Those challenging days will pass. Get through those challenges and even more amazing things are just around the next corner. Don’t give up!

So what have I been up to lately? Here’s a peek at a few of the things we’ve been up to at The Gilded Stag over the past 15 months…

The Gilded Stag, Custom Island, Southern Living Showcase House

This custom island was created for the Southern Living Custom Showcase Home designed by Heather Scott Home and Design in Austin, Texas.

Linen Cabinet Open

A custom linen cabinet in a VERY grand scale for designer Beth Poole in Springdale, Arkansas.

Shaftesbury Cart - SMW Design 2

A drinks trolley in production this very moment for designer Scot Meacham Wood of San Francisco.

There’s much more to see. Head over to my website and go “like” my facebook page to keep up to date with everything that’s going on in my world.

If you’re a designer and looking for that perfect piece of furniture to make your design project smashing, give me a call! We can create just about anything you can imagine. We’ve got our own line in development we’d love to share with you. Each and every piece is customizable to fit your needs.

Westminster Cabinet

If you’re not a designer, our products are available through your designer and we’ll have opportunities to purchase some our product online soon. Just head over to our website and subscribe for updates.


Like I said at the beginning of this post, I was given free rein today. I felt it was important to share my own experiences working with Tobi. The lessons I’ve learned from her have proved invaluable in my business and life! I can honestly recommend attending one of her Design Camps or joining her Mastermind groups. I promise your career will soar if you take her lessons to heart.

Tobi didn’t ask me to plug her today whilst blogsitting. But you see, I can’t tell you the story of my journey without including her as well.

It was great joining everyone here today and I wish you all the best in business and life!


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9 Responses to Forging New Paths with Landon Shockey of The Gilded Stag

  1. Landon, great post! Those of us who have had the opportunity to partake of Tobi’s camps, MBA and Mastermind have learned Tobi Wisdom, which does give us the confidence to grow our wings! Congrats on your beautiful line and following your dream!

  2. Tam Stone says:

    Great post Landon! I absolutely love the island you did for Heather… Gorgeous!

  3. [...] One of the reasons I wanted to post this little preview is because I know there will be a lot of first time visitors to The Gilded Stag today.  I’m blogsitting over at Tobi’s Blog! [...]

  4. Jasmina says:

    ” Every day throws you a new curve and you have to adapt. You’re still headed towards your destination, your path is just a little more “scenic” as you make your way there.”

    So true! Well stated.

  5. Mara Malcolm says:

    oh my gosh Landon, your pieces are fantastic, I love love love!

  6. Brooke says:

    Thanks for your post, Landon. We are so proud of you and LOVE all of your work! XO

  7. Franki Parde says:

    That linen storage design is beautiful!! You will travel far!! franki

  8. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments everyone!

  9. Karen Akin says:

    Love all of the pieces I have seen. I think the bar cart would be so usuable. I am going to look at getting one. Great Job!!!!!!!!!

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