Dreaming of Paris

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Several of my friends are in Paris for the Maison + Objet Interior Design Show as we speak.

So as I drink my coffee this morning if I close my eyes I can dream I’m there too, enjoying it with a chocolate croissant in a French Cafe.

Here are a few other dreamy images of Paris to help our imaginations.

Hoping I’ll be at Maison when it happens again in the Fall. Want to join me?

Happy Dreaming! xo,

p.s. Speaking of dreams, I’ll be bringing you a look at my Big Dreams for 2013 in the next few days. What are you dreaming of this year? I’d love to hear yours too.

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13 Responses to Dreaming of Paris

  1. Meredith says:

    Love the red chairs-they make me so happy I set them as my desktop background to see every day! Shooting for Paris in the Fall along with you….

  2. Sarah Stacey says:

    My dreams of 2013 include touring France in the spring, Thailand in the fall and attending your Designer MBA program. Hopefully by the end of all of that travel, I will have cured my fear of flying…

  3. fanci says:

    this is my first time commenting. i am a follower of your blog and on pinterest. of course, i love your style tips…but this has to do with your inspirational quotes and how i’ve been using them. since the day my son left for college i have been sending him…what i call…life lessons. i’m sure there were many eye rolls when he saw my incoming emails of inspiration! after awhile (looong while) he would send me quotes he thought i might enjoy.
    he is now a 31 yr old man and in the midst of changing careers to his lifelong passion. it’s a big move and your postings have been on the mark appropriate. so…now…texting is in the mix… in addition to emails and i just wanted you to know how you have contributed to these ongoing “life lessons”. thank you

  4. LaJuan Herron says:

    I plans on being there late summer for my 51 yrs wedding aniv.So looking forward to having dinner in the Eiffel Tower.Love the red chairs ,makes me fell like I am there already,having lunch .Will be a life long dream ,it is top of my bucket list.

  5. Maison is definitely on the list this Fall!! Can’t wait to be inspired by the beauty of color, creamy desserts, flaky croissants and cozy cafe dining.
    Thanks for the inspiration and even more for the nudge to DREAM!!

  6. Fabricotti says:

    Yes Paris IS that dreamy.I live 1hour away from Paris and it still is a real treat to visit!! Iris.

  7. Oh Paris is magical and so romantic. Went a couple years ago and enjoyed shopping at the flea market, a Designer’s dream! We are going back in July and I’m counting the days. Love the images and dreaming with you about that Cafe con Leche with a crepe!


  8. Andrea Brooks says:

    Paris is on my dream list for the Fall too!! Can you say Mastermind road trip??!! Yes please! Xo

  9. Well, if Andrea & Denise go, I’m in! xo

  10. Liz Carroll says:

    Yes! I want to go in the fall!

  11. Franki Parde says:

    I just read “they” had SNOW!! Can you imagine the sight?!? franki

  12. Lilian says:

    Love the red patio chairs outside a Parisian cafe, very chic and very French. I’d love to go if given the opportunity


  13. My dream is to go to Paris too, but for now, I really enjoy lovely photos of it.