Coming from a Place of Gratitude in 2013

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This is a BIG Week! Tomorrow starts my Designer MBA camp and I can hardly wait. We have over 25 people coming from all across the Country to join us and really start taking their business to the next level this year. This stuff is SO good. There will be laughter, tears, and laughter through tears! Plus cocktails to drown our sorrows or amp up the fun!  Either way it’s going to be AWESOME.

And speaking of Elevating your business and being AWESOME…Did you see my Resolutions post for 2013 yesterday? Well if you didn’t please check it out and see how I am really changing my business and life again in a BIG way this year. Writing these resolutions this year were SO difficult as you will read, but I am so happy and INSPIRED now that they are complete and I’m ready to hit the ground running.

But before I do that, I realized that I once again needed to get into my “Place of Gratitude”. I realized this yesterday when I hopped on the treadmill just after hitting publish on my Resolutions Blog post.

I was running away thinking about life and all the sudden Pink’s song Who Knew came on my playlist.  And as I listened to her say “If some one said 3 years from now, you’d be long gone. If someone said count your blessings now…” and I couldn’t hold back tears. I’m telling you that I am surprised I didn’t fall off that treadmill and kill myself because I couldn’t even see the dashboard I was crying so hard!!!

And what did that mean? Well it meant a few things. I think it was all the stress and emotion coming out that I had bottled up while writing my resolutions and a good cry is always great for letting go. It’s like letting the steam out of the pressure cooker, right?

I think it was also pressure from some other big decisions I am making about my business this year. I’m way out on that limb, outside my comfort zone which always results in big things for me but there are moments of fear and tears that comes with all my big accomplishments.

I think some tears were from the love and emotion I feel for my family and they were coming to mind while I ran. What a blessing they are to me! I had just mentioned in my resolutions yesterday that I will spend more time traveling with those I love, especially my parents this year. And the raw emotion that comes with the thought of losing any of those I love, ever, is so hard to imagine.

I think this was so real to me at that moment because my friend Kathy who was going through just that very thing at that very moment, the loss her mom, Margaret. I knew the funeral was taking place at that very second and I knew Kathy was giving the Eulogy and how difficult but precious it was for her. I had the pleasure to know Margaret and she was a jewel and I was sad that I won’t be able to see her sweet smiling face again.

And I think it was the thought and responsibility and maybe just a tad bit of pressure to bring my A-game to all those 25 women this week who are feeling excited but scared about 2013. They need me to be the one who picks them up and helps them jump-start 2013 to be productive and profitable and healthy. They need me to help them come ALIVE! I love being their example and source of strength but I take this VERY seriously, so sometimes it feels like a big job. So maybe, just maybe, a few tears went along with praying that I give them all what they need from me to be their best this year.

And maybe there were even a few tears of joy because I was going back to my Sunday night two hours of yoga last night after a 3 week hiatus due to travel and snow. And that is truly bliss for me. And that was being followed by 2 hours of Downton Abbey which I have been waiting to watch for a YEAR!!! So with all the seriousness of everything else going on, I think I felt the release of being able to slow down in just a few hours and relax just a bit before it all started over again, today. Talk about 4 hours of perfection!

And so with all those tears and thoughts and memories and smiles and even a bit of fun and joy, what I remembered is that I have been reminding you of everything you need to do this year to be great except one…BE GRATEFUL!!!

So if you want to manifest all that you dream of in your life this year, do this one thing…Start a gratitude journal. You can even do it on your iPhone with this handy app I have mentioned before. So NO EXCUSES!

On my gratitude list today besides my family, friends, Kathy’s Mom, MBA campers, Yoga and Downton Abbey, I will add YOU. Because I am grateful you meet me here everyday. Thank you!

Happy Monday! xo,

p.s. As I mentioned Designer MBA Camp starts tomorrow so check back here mid-day each day for a “Backstage Pass” video to see what we are up to. It’s going to be a life-changing few days and I can hardly wait! 🙂

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2 Responses to Coming from a Place of Gratitude in 2013

  1. Lisa Mende says:

    Grateful for you too Tobi!

  2. Well, I’m glad Downton Abbey made the list!!!
    Just wanted to make sure you knew about John Kralik’s book on gratitude and how it changed his law business:
    A Simple Act of Gratitude: How Learning to Say Thank You Changed My Life. It is $8.50 on Amazon. It seems to fit with your topic.